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Release bearings and collar/housing

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Keep tripping over these.




The taller collars are probably from the 240mm clutches, the shorts are from 225mm? The far right one is from a CA18ET and I checked they used 225mm clutches.







Two different types of collars/bearings.

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Nice chair. Hope that ain't your living room. :D


The matching couch I stripped all the foam and fabric off and put in garbage bags, the metal and springs I re-cycled and the wood I burned in the outdoor fire pit during a bar-b-q. The dog sits in it when I workin' on ... stuff.

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TPIWWP :D not a datto?


My son's old Grand Am POS had a plastic clutch master with attached plastic line to the slave. Fixed a leak by melting it with a soldering iron.:lol:

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