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My 73 240Z Timeline


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I'm starting a thread on my Z car to show the improvements and gradual progress of the car as it's made. Mainly to post oics of the progress over time. Large and small changes, etc. Over the years I have owned a 510, 310, and a 210. This is my first 240Z.

My Datsun adventure starts here.



Here's the car the day I brought it home. Note damage to top of quarter, just above Z emblem and the door. Something has scraped against the car at some point. And the bottoms of both doors have some rust under the paint. All of this will be dealt with later on. Concentrating on fixing anything that needs repair right now.



Also notice car sat lower in the rear. Discovered the Tokico 5020 springs were in the wrong places. Front on back, vice versa. So we fixed that first.



While doing so we disovered the left rear brake hose was bad. So i replaced that this morning. Old hose, new one in place and the damaged piece up close.

I plan on doing stainless braided hoses on it. Just replaced this for this time being.



Steering column clamshell is missing. So I'm looking for one. Some of the wiring is apparently wrong. The car drains the battery while sitting overnight or sometimes two. I believe the stereo may be doing it. And I need to re install the heater control knobs. Only have one set screw for the sliders. The fan knob has the screw, but I can't push it back far enough to secure it. And the choke cable is disconnected. Needs glovebox insert. It has new fuse panel. But it's in the glovebox instead of the console. Can anyone tell me what the toggle switch hanging from under the dash is?



Plans are to work on the suspension as my main objective. New struts will be soon. One of the Tokico's is leaking. And add a rear sway bar. The stock one has been removed at some point. And seal the underside of the car and inside with sealant to protect it. Also do any small repairs I can along the way. Wheels are Shelby 14X6.



This is my cat, Beetle. She loves all of my cars and thinks they're hers.


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It looks like it's a stock wire to me. But I don't see it anywhere in a manual or anything. I'll try and trace it as far as I can and see what I can find out. The dash has been installed in it recently I believe. I'll post any more info I can figure out. Thanks for the reply.

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Got a box of 240Z goodness today. Here's a few oics of the new junk I got to add to the VW and RX-7 junk.

Let's see what all we have in here. Glove box door and a set of gauges.



Some interior pieces. Two distributors and a Pertronix.



A set of breathers and a new in the box master cylinder.



A header and gasket. And a 240 hood. It was wrapped in cardboard and bubble wrap.



Here's the hood unwrapped. Top and the underside. Has a few dings and some bubbles under the paint. In pretty good shape though.



Got some more extra parts to pick up soon. I'll add a few more oics as I get the stuff.

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Thanks guys. Just gonna do what I can as time, money, etc. allows.

Here's the toggle switch I mentioned earlier in the thread. It looks like it's plugged into the main harness. I haven't tested it or anything. Thought I'd ask around first. See i f anyone has any idea.



New fuse box. But it was installed in the glove box openeing. Which has no interior. I'm going to try and relocate it to the console where it should be.



Nice day so I did some driving. Should have taken some oics while I was out. Should be picking up some more extra parts in the next few days. I'll post that when I get it.


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Thanks for the info. I didn't know there was an option for a power antenna. I'll look into that. The car is not wired correctly at the moment. It has an open circuit and I haven't been able to pinpoint what it is. The car is constantly drawing power on the battery.

I've used a test light on the battery and pulled each fuse to check and none of them affected the test light.

When you turn the ignition on, the parking lights and dash lights all come on. The head lights work and the turn signals work, but you have to manually flip the turn signal lever.

Brights work, stereo works, glove box light works, all gauges except the tach work. The lighter does not work. I haven't tried the horn. I actually haven't thought about whether it worked.

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Got some parts today.

Here's a few interior pieces. Some more extra gauges with white faces. Extra bulbs, fuse box cover, Max II steering wheel hub, some Nissan horn button, a bunch of screws and smaller plastic pieces. No idea if they even go to a car.



And my missing map light. And the top half of the steering wheel clamshell. Need the bottom piece for a '73 model part # 48470 - N3300. Or a whole one.



Axles, 5 speed differential and transmission. He said he had no idea what it came out of. I'll unwrap trans in the daylight and check it out and get more oics of it.




Here's the numbers on the differential.




And mustache bar. Few more pieces to add to the pile.


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That mysterious toggle switch may control the power antenna. I have two z's and somebody added a toggle switch to control the antenna in both of them. Maybe it was common?

I agree. If I remember right the early S30's had switches to control the power antenna as the radios didn't.  Later models had the control for the antenna integrated with the radio.


Looks like you have a lot of parts that you may not need? Nice to have as spares though.

Are you planning to change out the 280Z hood on the car for the 240Z hood?  The 280 hood looks like it is in pretty good shape and has the vents which will help in engine cooling.  The early Z's had issues with vapor lock on their fuel lines which got really bad when they went to fuel injection in the 280. Thus they added the vents.j  Also, in '73 there was an option for a hood mounted vent that is pretty cool.  My son found one and has it mounted on his 73. Here's a photo.


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Haven't posted for a while. Thought I'd post a oic and write a few lines.

It is a power antenna switch. I like the 240 hood better. I t5hink they look a lot cleaner wothout vents. But I do like the added cooling with the vents. I'll probably paint both hoods when the car does get repainted. And paint the vents black as well. I like the hood in your photo. I've never seen one of those with a vent like that. That's pretty cool.



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Bad head gasket.. Hopefully not worse. Plan on taking it apart in the next couple of weeks and replacing it. Send head to the machine shop.

Hoping everything else is good. Considering going ahead and putting a new clutch in and possibly install the header. Haven't decided on it yet.

Hoped to do more this Summer but it just didn't work out.



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Beetle inspecting her new Z car parts that came in today. Head gasket set, Centerforce II clutch, release bearing and collar and some copper exhaust nuts.

Plan on taking my header to be cermacoated next week. But still haven't decided if I'll run it or just keep the stock manifold on.



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I had my header Ceracoated. I decided not to put it on the car. I ran it on ebay at a good price but it didn't sell. I'm going to keep the stock manifold for the time being. I've decided later on to do a complete exhaust system instead. The header was a NOS piece that came with the car. There's a before photo of it up there earlier in the thread. It's nice so I may keep it for a later day or possibly try and sell or trade it again.


I also got my spoiler from MSA. I really like the front one. The rear is not so nice. I'm going to make a seperate post about it.

New head gasket and new clutch installed the next project is going to be some new shocks and replace any bushings it may need. Then I want to save for new wheels and tires.


The biggest stuff will be the body work and putting the paint back to original 113 Green Metallic. And that will be much later on.


I'm going today about some small parts I need to a guy that has a lot of Z stuff. He has from S30 up to Z31 stuff and a lot of it. If he will let me make some oics I'll post some of the stuff later on.



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Thanks Ranman for the reply. It is the antenna switch. I posted it somewhere in there after I got it to work. I still can't figure out where it is supposed to be mounted. I've looked at numerous interior photos online, etc. All that loose wiring is where previous owner installed new dash and left it all hanging out. Since trying to move it it has made my fan switch not work and the stereo stopped working. But it made the antenna work :) hahahaha.

The cardboard glove box interior is also missing so they put a new fuse box in and it's lying in there instead of the console. I have to move it back to the console location. I just really hate messing with wiring because I'm completely lost on it. And who knows what will stop working if I move it.

The wiring is not right. When you turn the ignition switch on the parking lights come on regardless and are always on even without the light switch. So I have wiring to work on when I finally take the time to try and trace it down and figure it out.

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I'm about to start on my new project of putting Weber triples on my car. I wanted Mikuni's but I figured parts and sources would be easier with Weber's. And they are somewhat less expensive. This is actually something I wanted to add later on down the line. I decided to go ahead and do it now. I got them from Carbs Unlimited. I also got the Weber filters that you can run over the velocity stacks.


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