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69 Datsun 510 wagon swap 82 sd22 my RV

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Starting restore on the wagon has front end damage need some parts have some for trade I have 510 4 door 69 far gone needs lots of love the 69 wagon 720 82 goof glass and Crome 130 on truck was towed WA beach behind RV rust everywhere grate motor an tranny for wagon the rest is up for grabs sold l20b still have Italian webber trade for Weser for my 86 1/2 d21 z2.4i to many hoses. My dad is a master mechanic Salem Nissan 36+ years made me a Datsun fan when I was about ten he rebuilt a 240 z and it got stolen and joy rode to pices he custom paint silver sky blue 20 clear coats brilliant deep shine raddle cans brown he gave up on his Datsun love than and haven't been the same since one day I hope to fined him one!! He had a 510 a cupple years after wagon I loved it and a 84 720 with the 2.0 nap z grate gas little power supper clean looking for ideas of what to throw in the four door to make it crazy plan on going all out so all ideas welcome

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Welcom to Ratsun... but please slow down and punctuate your sentences and use a spell check. What does "the 69 wagon 720 82 goof glass and Crome 130 on truck was towed WA beach behind RV" even mean??? Communication is very important on a forum to prevent mistakes.


 You mention the SD22 in the title but not in the text.Do you have a 510 with an SD swap? or you plan an SD swap??? 

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