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gm related tomfoolery

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Is there any way other than the standard duct tape and bailing wire to keep an 80s camaros dash from falling onto the floorboards when you shut the door??  Well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  if you can get ahold of the door card next to the window because the armrest is lying in a Wallgreens parking lot somewheres,, and then lift up on door as it hits the striker,,, too actually shut the damn thing.

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When is GM gonna pay me back my chunk of the bailout funds I involuntarily gave up?



When can I expect one of my DRLs to go out?  Is it after 3 weeks, or 2?


haters gonna hate, trolls gonna troll

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I dislike all of the Big Three about equally. This happened about the time EFI came out and it was obvious to me (finally) that car makers simply didn't give a shit and like everything else in this world they are made cheaper and cheaper...... and cheaper. I enjoyed my Blue Flame '55 and 283 '57 as well as my '65 Pawnticket and same year chebby Biscayne. These were all owned in the early '70s. But they were made better back then. Now all car makers make un understandable vehicles that are un fixable. Is it any reason we meet on a Datsun forum?

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Canadian or Mexican using globally sourced parts.


You want american? Buy Toyota, Nissan, or Honda.


Even Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and VW makes more cars in America than GM.


Ain't hate. Just truth.


where is it that you think their parts come from? not america, no brand makes all their own parts, get your head out of your ass

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