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Performance shops in Bay Area (Welding, 1 off headers, drive shafts)

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So yea I'm looking for a shop in the Bay Area that can weld my transmission tunnel in, make me custom 1 off custom headers, and source me a drive shaft(or have one made). A shop in the east bay would be best!


Performance Options- is not an option. While I'm sure they do great work (I dunno) they keep putting me off, and delayed my project almost a month, stated I could drop my car off Dec 1st and when I call to confirm, they say it's another 2 weeks. I'm sure they could just be super busy, and that's great, but at least be on point on how long something is going to take, especially something as easy and dropping my car off to get work done. Super nice guys though. This is not a dis on this shop, it's just what happened. Not talking shit, just talking fact.



It's crazy because 5 years ago there were a million shops that you could take your car to, to get this stuff done, now there isn't shit. Crazy. Also, if I was in Los Angeles it would be done already.


Dan from DGR I miss you, too bad you closed your shop up.



So yea, I'm taking all suggestions. I just got my SR20 franken distributor so these three items are the only things from me getting my car running lol.


PS...I googled Bay Area performance shops, fab, etc..on 510 realm, Zilvia, Honda-Tech, Club4ag, and seems most if not all shops are gone.



Thanks in advance!

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You could try dropping a line to Luke down at Luckys Speed Shop in Fremont. 


He's pretty busy but he does really great work (did all the fab work on my wagon). He's very knowledgeable about 510, Z, and Roadster body modification and fabrication. Might know about 1200s too. Regardless, he does it right. 


Luke actually used to work for/with Dan Galmeister back in the day before going off to start his own shop. 

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