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SR20DE Question.

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I don't know about a 620 swap, but there are two 521 trucks on ratsun that that have attempted an SR. Again I don't know how much applies to a 620, but can't hurt to dig up the threads to see what was involved. It was alot of work!

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the fwd engine will not bolt to rwd tranny, YELLO U HOLDIN out on me man?? haha whats the price on that adapter plate.. an can you get more.. i've been thinkin about this swap ALOT... i wanna doit.. next year.. hey i have a b13 se-r ecu, yes for a sr20.. i do not have a wiring kit tho.. i'll sell the ecu tho if you need.. if i swap a sr into my truck it will be a proper rwd one... i dont wanna deal with modifying the intake mani (cause it'll face the firewall) if i do do that it will be with enxt years income tax.. this year my se-r gets a sr20ve mmmm VVL :fu:

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hey you live in portland dont ya... and you bought that sr off craigslist didnt you.. i called the guy today to buy it an he'd sold itl... was gonna put it in my sentra till i get my sr20ve.. if you need to sell it let me know.. i will buy it right now, basicly you might wanna do that cause putting a FWD engine in a RWD truck is going to be a huge pain in the ass... let me know..

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Is it a RWD SR? The front and rear wheel drive engines are slightly different. There are also no RWD trannys that fit the SR FWD engine. There is a dude that sells a bell adapter thought.


Ice, will a CA18ET tranny bolt to the SR20? If so is it the FWD or RWD motor?

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i dont think so mike, when it comes to a bolt up operation usualy only SR trannys bolt to SR blocks... (from what i've researched anyways) fwd 2 fwd an rwd 2 rwd.. there are ways of usin "kits" ofcourse.. but if you have a FWD sr20 you really should use the b13 or b15 lsd trannys.. the g20 trannys are usless unless you get a rar g20t lsd tranny.. as for the rwd trannys.. hell if u can bolt it on there some how go for it.. when he decides its gonna be a pain in the ass an he wants to sell it i will buy it.. well i could buy it right now but who knows about tomorrow.. hah.. that is if its the one i think it is.. i jus need somethin to put in my se-r an that would bolt right in w/o mods.. i need somethin with 4 seats to haul the kids around in an i spun a rod bearing on my current engine.. :(

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Ice, will a CA18ET tranny bolt to the SR20? If so is it the FWD or RWD motor?


I haven't tried that one but I doubt it. I tried to bolt the RWD SR tranny to the FWD motor and it didn't fit. The other problem with the FWD SR is that dizzy, it sticks out the back!!! One more problem to add to the equation!!! Yes standalone would work but that just adds to the project.




Indy my buddy had a FWD CA18 with a RWD tranny on it, he even rewelded the mani so it would face forward. Now I don't see why the 16 would be any different. Get down to pic a part and get one!! :D We want to know the answer!!

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The reason I ask is I seem to remember someone saying something about Jeff saying a CA tranny would bolt to a SR, but I could have gotten it wrong.


I do have an '85 CA18ET 5spd and it looks really small at the bell, smaller than the L or Z series I'm sure. Here's a pic:








Check out the tail stock ribbing like the next gen FS5W71C type. This doesn't show the bolt pattern much. Tomorrow after work I'll get some front shots so they can compare to the SR.

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l trans adapter you say??? How much??


Yes, an adapter that mates a FWD SR20 to a L serires transmission. Will try to get you a pic or two, hopefully tomorrow if i get my computer out of the repair shop. No pics on the wifes laptop.


It has never been used, was originally purchased for a project that has now been sold.



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Greiggy yours is RWD tho an his is FWD.. even with an adapter you still run into the intake manifold facing the firewall and the distributor contacting the firewall.. i wouldnt wanna move the engine forward any cause it would put too much weight in the front of the truck an it'd drive like crap

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