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Guys with early 520's may soon be without steering wheels


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It wasn't that nice of a wheel, it had cracks all over it.

I guess maybe some folks didn't know how to scroll past the 4 or 5 nice photos to the ones that showed all the damage.

I have a much nicer 521 wheel than that has no cracks at all.


Yeah, I was out at about $70... and I felt like that was a little pricey (at least for me).  Thanks to this event my horn bar sits wonky on the wheel.  I've been using a wadded up Harbor Freight coupon stuffed under the left side of the bar to keep the horn contacts from resting on one another.  I haven't taken the bar off, but I'm guessing there are a couple of standoffs molded into the plastic and the one of the left side of mine is probably broken off.  I figured a full wheel swap would have been simple enough, rather than trying to find my year-specific horn bar.


But, wayno (or anyone else)... if you happen to have the horn bar laying around you wouldn't mind letting loose of...

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