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Datsun parts crossed over to different models


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Hey guys....



Wondering if we might attempt to compile some info that could be helpful to Patrol owners? I have figured out over the years that Datsun/Nissan used various parts on more than just one model. You guys probably know this already. Here is the thing though, Patrol parts in NOS form are extremely difficult to get. Nissan has pretty much discontinued most of it. Now there are other sources for parts but we all want the NOS/OEM stuff the most. Once in awhile old NOS parts come up on Ebay and often get snatched up real fast. As I am sure you all know, old Datsun parts are on Ebay a lot and there are other sources too. So what I am getting at is that I have found at least a few items that interchange between Patrols and other Datsun models. I have all the Patrol parts books (6 in total) but no parts books for other Datsuns. The best way to make sure a part is interchangeable is with the part number. That or comparing it side by side with the other Datsun part. 



Any ways, here is what I have figured out so far. 



Patrol fuel cap, locking - same used on 1960's Roadsters

Patrol water protect dizzy points - same used on 1960's Roadsters but not sure what year or engine

Patrol pinion bearing - same as used in Roadster auto trans, not sure what years

Patrol, 68-onward voltage regulator, used on various other Datsuns although I am not sure exactly which

Patrol horn relay, 68-onward - used on various other Datsun's

Fog lights & back up lights, I am 100% sure the backup light interchanges and 95% sure on the fog lights



Probably more items I am forgetting at the moment. Pretty sure some 510 and 520/620 pickup stuff is interchangeable. Some Junior parts may also interchange and even possible some 720 parts too. Although most 720 parts I seen match the later 160 Patrols. 


Other items I think may cross over;

wiper arms

horns, 68-onward but maybe early too although early on Patrol are very specific. 

rubber wiring grommets and rubber bumps, some I know for sure cross over

Inside door window bottoming out rubber bump, looks just like the Roadster but have not verified yet if they interchange

foot high beam switch, Patrols used like 3 different ones but the later one may match other Datsuns or maybe they all do?

Switches on dash for lights, heater and even the choke wire

fuel sending unit at the fuel tank


sending units for temp and oil pressure?

fuse box?

rear reflectors - 67-onward I am sure matches up to some other Datsun

generator bearings? Generator bushes?

Starter bushes? 


Things I am 100% sure will never interchange are;

suspension parts, although some shock or sway bar bushings might but that would be it

brake parts, definitely not wheel cylinders or pads/shoes but maybe some lines or bleeder or other small part might

turn signal & tail lights, although the gum/rubber bases might to the Roadsters. But the rest nadda



Would it help if I listed part numbers for the parts in question? 



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