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a horrible day


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the story starts off in 1998,

a 1971 datsun 1200 is bieng assembled by my dad.

he and his buddy are putting it back together, whilst im scrubbing a hubcap with steel wool in order to shiny it up. i dont get to help my dad with mechanical work, none of that



a week before today when we were waging war against my brake system, my dad took it for a test drive and the bulb for the brake lights had burned out, so i quickly improvised by putting the bulb from the blinker next to it(big mistake)

so i drove it for little distances, fine, nothing wrong. but today i took it pretty far and i guess it made ground, something bad happened, but it ended up with only 1 bad problem, which was my thermometer gauge was all the way on H. so i called my dad, he came over and we couldnt figure out what was wrong, untill he asked me if i had changed any bulbs and i immediatelly realized what was wrong. and lord behold, it was a wrong bulb. (my dad fully knows that i know nothing about car electrical, but whatever) he starts on a yelling rant about how im so stupid i cant even change a bulb, how i never paid attention when he was putting it back together( odd thing is, when he was putting it back together, he didnt want me around as to not damage the car) and he started telling me how im going to destroy the car, about how my birth was a punishment from god to him, and i cant say anything, or he would probably kick me out of the house( which with a 100% working car would have been fine, but my car is oodled with problems right now). sux horrendously that my dad never wanted to teach me, started yelling if i even grabbed a wrong socket, and now tells me that i dont know anything because i never paid attention.

so as of today, me and my dad have split in our datsun affiliation.

he has his 510, i have my 1200


funnily enough, im the only computer savy person in the house, so his main parts source is gone

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Dick.... Same shit with my parents. My father gets angry at us since he gets desperate at watching us fail so much.... I was showned the door many a times.... Trying to kick me out.... Shit, you need me dad! But my father has not yet hated me for being his son. My brother yes. Me... Not yet... Close! But not yet. We get into heated argumnets all the fucken time! The other day he got mad at me cus I didnt want to change his trucks timing chain. WTF! Its not that I cant do it. It's that I have no time... Shiii... I cant wait to finish school and get the fuck out of here... Feel better man! I guess this means no carnitas huh.... Fuck fuckity fuck....

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I always found it kinda funny how the littlest mistakes turn into the biggest problems when it comes to dads. My dad was a military man and a total dick. He never wanted to help me work on my car but when something needed fixing/replacing on his vehicle, guess who had to find out how to do it and ultimately do all the work?


Funny story, I was getting my shit together so I could move out of the house without telling my dad. One night about two weeks before I was gonna leave, he kicks me out. I had all of my shit outta the house the next day. Then he tries to get me to come back home. Fuck that.

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When I was a young kid, my dad ran a car repair shop. He had a customer bring him a '64 Chevy II in boxes and my dad painted and assembled the car for him. I was at the shop every day after school and all weekend while he worked on that car. It is what started my interest in cars and making them my own.


Ironically, on my 16th birthday, I helped my dad put a clutch in a Datsun. I have only seen my dad a handful of times since then - 20 years. My dad hates working on old cars. I have always wished that it was something we could share, but he only did it to make a living. He was naturally good at it. I've always been bummed that the person that got me into my favorite hobby/past time doesn't enjoy it like I do...

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Moisabamf, know that no mater what, you father loves you. Many a strong word is spoken in haste. Don't worry. My eldest boy and I didn't get along all that well when he lived at home and we mostly tried to stay out of each others way. As soon as he moved out he changed, becoming mature, responsible, respectful or maybe I saw him in a different light. Maybe both. I love that boy with all my heart and am so damn proud of him. Your dad probably won't admit it but is probably the same, just give it some time. Try not to be bitter.

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dont feel to bad, i sometimes rip my son a new one because of stupid isht. it does happen. so what you forgot to change a bulb. it happens. people forget things. but he should not have gone off like he did. all you can do is pick up a book and learn how to do everything yourself. taht way you dont have to rely on pops to help. also there are most likely people local to you, from here, that i know would be willing to help you learn. it just take time. oh and car electrical, especially datsun wireing, is easy. you'll get the hang of it soon enough. just work with it and make sure to get a book. it does help.

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my oldest is 15 i yell at more than i would like and when i get upset i tell you everything that you have done done to piss me off so i say a lot of stuff i dont mean i am sure your pops will get past this and all will be fine most dads love there kids no matter what stupid things they do

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Just remember you only have one dad. I worked with my dad for 20 + years,

He never had anything good to say, Always on my ass, But it made me a better person today,

I finally bought him out of the buisness, shortly after he had a major stroke, Now he is bed ridden, And he tells me what a great job I'm doing, That he loves me and all that, But he never said any of that when I was growing up. I guess most of us as fathers try to be the tough guy, But just remember your pops will always have your back. Oh one more thing most of us at age 30 and under are dumb asses. you'll grow up one day and be just like your old man.

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Maybe he needs a beer? That always helped my dad :D A man who only swears when he's working on cars haha He taught me lots about cars when I was young, like points and all that kinda stuff. I still remember when he was showing me how to adjust points. I said,"dad why are you even showing me this, I'm never going to have a car with points." I lost track of how many times I have adjusted them :D He was always pissed when he was fixing all the cars around are place. I never understood why, I don't get mad at cars that often.


Just give it some time, time fixes everything :D I'm still waiting to :D

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my real dad isnt into cars, he drives them an thats about it.. my step dad has owned ALOT of cars.. had a few datsuns.. a jag green 620 was one of my favorites.. he didnt really Work on them, he had his friends who knew what they were doing work on them.. i didnt even really start workin on cars until i was like 18, got my first vehicle.. a certian lil 620 ;) $100 it had a blown head bad wiring an tons of other odd problems.. i took on the challenge of puttin a head an timing chain on it.. little tuning here an there.. an what do ya know 5 years later i still have the truck it still runs..


you guys want to know who taught me how to work on cars??? YOU GUYS!!! people on this forum.. this even applys to the sentra and other cars caused i've used what i learned


special thanks in no piticular order goes to:



icehouse and hainz for that dvd they made back in the day





mr. nismopu



there are more people.. but these are people who have put up with my retarded ass questions and have told me exactly what i needed to know if it wernt for me finding nwde and ratsun i'd have prolly givin up on the truck long ago.. an i'd prolly still no nothin about cars..


im sure you an your dad will work things out.. bout the only thing i have in commin with my real dad is fishing an family an as for my step dad.. well guns an cars.. its funny when my step dad calls an asks me advice on his toyota lol

i love givin him shit..

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Maybe he needs a beer?

Just give it some time...

or 6 :blink:

by the time the BBQ rolls around and all YOUR datsun amigos roll in, he'll have changed his tune :love:



He never had anything good to say, Always on my ass, But it made me a better person today.


my EX says ill be a bad dad cuz mine was an asshole :fu:


its all his fault for being a greaser/hot roder in his day and getting me a MC @10 and making me work to afford my first car at 16. i got help, but not w/o those 'words of encouragemnet' *&$^*$ :fu: (*^(*%(*%^

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my dad and i have been through a lot of times like that but we have always seemed to work out our differences in knowledge on cars. at times it didnt seem like it was worth it to even try but i always kept on trying to resolve things. funny thing is now he seems to ask me for help on cars more often than not.


i have really noticed that it seems that the way he'll act around me is exactly the way his dad still acts to him. even if you cant resolve your differences now, just take it as a lesson learned for when you have kids to not do that to them.

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i know what your going threw man my dad is an ase certified master tech when im doing things to the car he is always looking over my shoulder (not to tell me what to do or anything just make sure i do it safly) he ripped me a new one when i forgot to tighten down a fuel line hose clamp when i put my carb back on time passes and things will be good again like these guys are saying you only get one and when hes gone hes gone

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Man alot of problems with dads!


Ok so my dad worked on lots of cars before us kids wee born and when were knee high to a grape. Then he got to where he did not have to and had good enough cars to have full coverage insurance and pay to have someone else do the maintenance. Then us boys got old enough to work on cars. But pa wants stuff done right. We never saw him do much but was a car and check the oil. I do remember a few times working on a uncles truck that gave him troubles. But at least us 2 younger one got into old trucks from the 50's and 60's. The oldest of us got a newer car that he got help with when needed also but a little out of pa's realm. The first tire i changed off the wheel i saw enough how to drive on and break the bead but took a bit but could not pull it off the wheel. pa made it look easy in just a minute or two. A few words of wisdom and on my way. In lots of other stuff he would point us in the right way or show us cause he could but just not what he wanted to do all the time. From fixing things in the house to doing homework or cars..... If daddy can't do it, it can't be done. Did not think much when at home and we did not have problems but once out of the house realized what all daddy done. A great man and would do anything for him and he would help me the same. He even understands me half doing stuff some now but understands i know what i can get by with and my brothers don't know where to draw that line. A lot is in the having faith in what you do will work and enough smarts to figure out what is ok. Like the tire thread I ran all kinds of may pops and wires showing but knew when to change them out and kept an eye on them every day to know how many miles were left. Between faith checking them and giving a ride to guy on the side of the road the good lord looked out for me and only had flats at home and work. You only have one dad so love ya pa for who he is and just accept him for that. Besides my truck addiction i think is intertaining for him in some way.

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son + dad = good

son + car + dad = bad


I have a good relationship with my father and we never fight except when we build my first road legal car last winter.


The Sunny b12 was an awfull lot of work and my dad was helping me every evening...well actually it was more of me helping him :D We fought from the most stupidest and tinyest things but we got the car done and im forever grateful for the things that he tought me and im quite sure that hes happy too so he could teach something he loved for the offspring. I dont think we have fought once after the car was done :)

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well i might be the odd one out on this one. I have no experience with actual work with cars except basic things. that is self taught. Actually the original owner of the 710 was the family mechanic. my dad didnt work on them just paid to fix them. i never ever ever have had an argument with my dad about cars. if anything i have introduced him into the beauty that is the car. he is joining and he does have a long list of beautiful cars that he has had. starting off with a ww2 jeep in nicaragua to his most prized karmanghia, to the Austin Healy. he has had a civic and accord, a b210 and other cars. but i never learned shit from him. most of my ideas or "i think this is how is works" is done in my head. i have no guidance what so ever. well like i said im an odd apple who had a father who didnt guide but i was self taught and never fought ABOUT ANYTHING EVER! we have the best father son relationship i have seen. my friends comment on how cool we are. bc my dad is just like another teenager but even funnier. heres the most recent example.

i went to a party and this girl i danced salsa with me(IM A HUGE SALSA FAN!) couldnt dance so well. my dad said, "well then shit if she cant dance standing up, imagine how fucked up she might be when she is laying down on your bed!" i mean what 66 year old father says that to his 17 yr old boy! in front of his friends

my dad does. i luck up to my dad to the fullest. and he is a hugs role model. i remember when my mom and dad had problems i was like 5 or 6 and the threats of divorce popped up i always thought, "well ima go with dad!" never once thought i would get spoiled from mom. but i wanted to be with dad. i am a daddys boy and proud of it!

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I was the light holder for my dad. "Hey son can you come hold the light for me?" Man my arm would start hurting after a while, and I'd always let the light wander off, much to his chagrin. My dad is awesome, and he would ask me to hold it because he and my older brother were oil and water, and if my bro had to hold the light it would probably end badly. I don't know... so much about getting along comes down to personality mixes. I just always knew how to lighten my dad up, and still do. My bro knew how to push his buttons and my dad knew his and they woluld use those buttons all the time.


My dad was a airforce engineer, rocket engineer kind of guy. Were talking F-15 fighter planes and stuff. but I wouldn't say he was a car expert. Never a 'car guy'. Only when there was a problem with his daily, would he break out the Chiltons, and we'd fumble our way through it. And when he'd get pissed at the car he'd start breathing is this way where he would let a breath out like slowly letting air out of a inflatable raft. Heh.. and that is where I learned some swear words too.


Now I am a grown man of 37 trying to learn all of these things about cars that dad never had the time to teach me, being a work-o-holic for sure.


You know what though, so he didn't have time to teach me about cars, who cares! He taught me just as much about life, work ethic, family and on and on. He told me I could grow to be anything I want. I said, "oh yeah, what if I want to invent a time machine?" And he said "Son if you work hard enough, and study hard enough, you can build a time machine."


And when I tell him I do a little thing like put a webber carb on my datto, or a clutch slave on it, there is a pride on his face. And he says when he retires (yeah right!), perhaps I can be the one to teach him. But I will tell you what, he'll be the one to hold the light!!!!

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Dad was 30 years Army. His career included cook, artillery (105, 155 [long john]) and several missile systems, including Sergeant Missiles and Pershings.


Retired CWO4 IG for Pershings/Germany. He traveled a lot, so when he was home, he tried hard to make the time count; his punishments were as full of quality lessons as his Father/Son time (that with 5 boys).


BUT! :eek:


We had a 73 Volkswagen Variant (squareback here in US) with a Porche Flat 4 Engine (previous owner put it in). Purred like a kitten but for some reason my older brother decided we just HAD to remove and overhaul it. Dan and I were knee deep in parts when Dad came home. The car pulls up, you hear your Fathers footsteps, then.......nothing....silence! for about a minute.


Then Dad says DANNY!! IT BETTER RUN WHEN YOUR DONE!! My brother gets this hurt look on his face that says "I can't believe you doubt me".


Never heard another word, from Dad, until we were done....then he just asked "does it run"?


Thats my Dad. He would let you put your foot in it, figuring he had already taught you how to not do that.

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I blame my dad for a lot of things about myself my good work ethic, my mechanical know how and my zest for life. We have worked shoulder to shoulder on a myriad of projects and we have had arguments (he was always right and I was just being stubborn). I'm now in my mid 30s and my dad and I are best friends.

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