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The B210ZX is BACK!!! 24 Hours of LeMons @ MSR Houston

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We had a GREAT weekend of racing during the 24 Hours of LeMons at MSR Houston over the weekend.


The B210ZX ran 121 laps over 2 days. We had a few gremlins pop up on day 1 & found out the #4 injector was not firing. Once we fixed the injector/wiring issue, the car ran like a champ. Green Flag to Checkered Flag!


Here's the link to a ton of pics that I took over the weekend.




The B210ZX was also highlighted via the CarandDriver.com blog(again) - http://blog.caranddriver.com/lemons-houston-car-inspections-incredible-quantities-of-nissan-zs-mustangs-plus-center-drive-vw-bus-cookie-monster-warlord/




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Front Sway bar resolved?... Kinda..  we took 2x6 steel boxing plate, cut it down & fabricated new mounting locations & then welded them to the inner side of the frame rails. (I can post pics if anyone wants to see)


FYI... The 120Y sway bar (part# SWB1200) MadDat offers does NOT fit a B210. The mounting locations are off by 2" on each side. Biggest problem we found was with the geometry of the 120Y bar that MadDat shipped me. Even though we created new mouting points, the bar didn't have a lot of travel. It's cleared the KA24E front sump oil pan, but with the car off the ground & on jack stands, the swaybar would rest where the oilpan meets the block (not good). With the car on the ground, the bar was hitting the crossmember near the end links, so we had to notch the cross member slightly in order to give us some clearance & allow the bar to move up & down with the suspension.


All in all, it worked for this race,.. BUT I'd rather have a sway bar that actually fits a B120 & provides the proper clearance & travel.


I'm tempted to take the MadDat bar to a company that a friend recommended who will make custom sway bars to order. He had them make several custom sway bars for his company for various models of Mercedes (check out: Feind Motorsports).


The overall length of the MadDat sway bar is correct,.. but like I said before... the mounting locations are off by 2" on each side. The sway bar mounting spots on a B210 are 28" apart. The MadDat sway bar mounting points are 24" apart.


I am sure I could have this company custom make some sway bars for the B210 w/ a KA or SR front sump swap. I just don't know if it would be cost effective.

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We are running 300lb springs & coil-overs in the front, but we still needed a sway bar for better handling on the track. We ran without a front sway bar at the last Lemons race & the car's handling was all over the place. We absolutely needed a front sway bar this time.

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