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Anyone Recognize my new ride ?


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Complete NOOB here !


Checking in to see if anyone recognizes my 72 510.


I think it lived in Renton WA. for 6-7 yrs.and was born in Oregon in 99-2006


A year ago I was lurkin around Ratsun thinking about buyin a 620 truck.


I hit craigslist in June and instead scored this little Red Rocket from a guy in Port Orchard WA. who owned it for 2 months and said he knew nothing about it.


It was love at first sight. I had never seen a 510 up close let alone driven one !


Holy Shit this thing pulls like FN Mad & makes gravel out of asphalt !


Someone really loved it at one time ! Thanks to  Datzenmikes kickass posts, I figured out that its an LZ22B w/SU's and a dogleg 5 speed behind it.


Any info/history I can get from the builder/owner  would be great.   Cuz I need to rebuild her Frankin-motor.


It Blows Major Clouds like a James Bond smoke screen between 2nd and 3rd gear. Embarrassing as Hell.


For now an L20B rebuild is goin in as stand by dependable while LZ Crazy motor is out for refresh.






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I know this car. had a dent on the trunck???????? Told him put a huge NGK sticker ove rthe dent on trunck, forgoet his name. wasnt running for years when I was at it.

I worked on it.

I got tired of the owner being lame and I deleted his number. He was working on going broke.


What happen I was there to try to get the car started.

he installed the battery backwards and blow up soemthing.previosly thats why it sat


then his Super mechanic buddy says he could get it running.He was lame also. wanting to add a relay everywhere to get power? Lame


We almost got it started when I was there the machtbox was bad and SUs were questionable.


the wireing was qustionable. find the start wire was going thri the headlamp switch. He found got later he hooked up the harness under glove box wrong.

door wouldnt open from outside. he said he was going to put a yellow foor on . I said WTF just get the guts from another door and put in the car. This is a Nice WEEKNEND driver alsready just as it is. Then he says He want to do a KA? WTF he cant keep a L motor running. Then I was loosing interest helping him and calling me. Woundnt listen.



You buy this from Doug in PortOrchard? If so Im sure he cleaned up everything and made it better.


Hopefully you have a garage for this as it really is a nice car that deserves better but as most Datsun owners they just get smashed and trashed.


Maybe Ill see you when I drive thru renton.


I would keep the car as it is and it will last a long time as mine 26years of onwership.

just leave it alone.

If you want a KA/SR and never done such stuff before. Just pull out the motor and place car in back yard with for sale sign



ps those lamps are lame what he had installed. get Cibie/hella or Bosche glass .

or get these


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WOW How F-ing Kool banzi510(hainz)


!! You know the Car !! Dan Hart huh?

It was trashed when I got it ! NOT Cleaned up at all !The owners name was Tony.


I pulled apart the door first and fixed the key cylinder, silver soldered the tail piece back on !


I stripped out the harness and the old shitty viper alarm wiring.


Fixed the factory Tach.

Stripped out the Interior Fresh carpet, Tiburon leather seats, Dodge neon console.

Fresh matchbox and coil. windshield washer, engine bay lamp.

Su's are now on the shelf waiting Rebuild, New temp L manifold and Weber 32/36 .

Abandoned the Trunk battery Bullshit ! Lame



You are right about the Decklid ,Some Douche slammed a battery down against it.

Probably crying about being a Tard!


I have already Hammered and floated it out in clean Primer.


Funny how Its you that recognized it ! I just watched your old vid on the L20B last week.


Cuz I'm building an L20B to go in as my stand by while the LZ comes out for rebuild.

Love the Banzai Bandana,Shirt and Flag.


Sounds like you are close I'm in Auburn.


This dork painted the grill with that rubber coat shitty, looser paint.. It Stripped it out to nice fresh !!


Ps. Lame Lamps>> Yellow Hellas on the way ! I Love This 510













Deck Lid























BBRRAAPP !!! Tons More to come

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This car has been through a lot of people. Met an owner of it at one point earlier this summer at a BBQ in Lacey, WA. Dude drove a long ways with it running like shit just to come to the BBQ for a few mins. Car looked pretty good and has lots of potential (at least so-it-seams...) But i think it needs a solid owner who can love it for a long time.

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You're in the right area for Datsun meets. It's a little on the boring side right now due to the cold and wet weather, but all summer long it seems like there is a meet / bbq / get together every few weeks. A few of us got together just this last Saturday. I'm sure something will happen again soon. If you have Facebook go join "Puget Sound Datsuns." sometimes meets are posted there, and don't forget to take a look at the community calendar here on the .Net

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Bernard was the org owner for years.Just thought of the name.

hes dad was into 510s back in the day so he wanted one .

Told him to read olddatsun.com tech section ect but he still couldnt get it running right and I dont know SUs and the wires was really suspect and to help for hours knowing this thing isnt going to be to long in his hands depresses me( I just know, I been in the game a long time on 510 owners)


Think he was loosing hours at his work and had big plans to fix this and BUT went backwards.

I lowballed a price on the car cause I knew he he was going to sell it. They all say Ill never sell it. They do!!!!! It was comming. It was Im gonna. when I get more money ect.......

This is a nice car better than my Banzai beater Maybe would prefer it over my yellow convert car.




the Cam sprocket you got is the lame USA made 3 hole one. It will work but hard to know if your truley lined up(the brike link chain would help but have a feeling you have a taiwan chain as those dont have the brite links. Is it OK most likly. I have run the taiwan tensioners myself.



I might have a L20 front cover I have to see.


oh and the lights might needa H4 harness if it doesnt have one if H4 lights install and stock wiring.

a chinese harness will work fine

Usually I charge more for newbies as I dont trust them keeping anything. Most free stuff I have giving away was waisted on LOOSERS. Unless I just wanted to unload parts.

But since you made more progress than anybody in a long time and look like the car is in good hands mayeb we can work a deal. If your had this car 5 years and was running the whole time and needed apart most likely I would give it free.



Oh another thing

the weber carb dosnt hit the hood? If a taller L20 motor most time the weber tall air cleaner will hit the hood.(dent)


they make a thinner 1.75 in tall aircleaner.

there is a weber carb dealer behind the 7-11 in auburn the 1 more hwy 18 side.



most time the crank is good and just need STD size bearings. I also use a Nissan gasket but I have some Datsport 87mm Head gaskets.that might be better of yhis is a over bore as the Felpro come close to the bore edge.


maybe get ARP bolts but I had Autosport in Seattle bolt my lower block together as they did the rebore.



Silvolite still might have new pistons if you need them.

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Bernard who owned this car had good intentions

But didnt have a garage ,no real skill level and kinda no money.


He would call all the time asking for help.

I gave him Ray Stonehockers # and GGzillas #. and I said take it to one of them(really Ray) and just pay to fix the car.

He never did.


paying Ray $1k to fix it would be better than letting his so called DREAM car go




Looks like its in better hands finally for now.

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