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Yukon rims


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The small amount of machining necessary to fit these rims is done with the most basic shop tools and a small amount of time. Please note that the rims on my truck are 2008 GMC Yukon 17 inch aluminum rims and they are almost completely stock. Even the center caps fit after doing a little smacking on the old dust caps in front...


Needed work...

1) grind the 4 tabs on the front hub just on the outside of the bearing area (it will make lots of sense when you test fir them. Seriosly a quick zip with a grinder and thats about it for the front.

2) grind the outer edge of the axle flange at the rear brake drum flange. It is already a little bit shouldered right at the very outside edge, you just need to help it out. I turned the grinder on and then turned the drum as I reshaped the axle flange edge. I took it down to flush with the drum face at a softer angle than was originally there from the factory.

3) soften the inner bore of the rim with the same grinder. I used a 4 inch wheel and it seemed to fit so well with the contour of the center bore that it just took several medium passes to make it all come together. I held the grinder vertically and dropped it down into the backside of the rim and made mt passes at measured, smooth, even speeds around the center. Then I just dressed the edges and test fit them several times. Since the rim is not centered by the bore of the rim, rather is centered by the bore and angle of the lugs, this kind of modification does not concern me at all.

4) paint the drum/hub areas during test fitment so that the paint will be wet while bolting down the rims. This will help give you eyes into the mounting surface and surrounding areas. Wherever the paint hits the rim, you will know it.

5) buy new lugs. I spent 1 dollar a piece at a local tire wherehouse for really nice chrome nuts that look great and more importantly have a significantly larger contact area to the rim. This is very important because the factory lugs get almost swallowed up in the huge opening of the Yukon rims. They have several different types of lugs available and i would recommend taking a rim with you to test the area of contact. Look for one that has a full circle of steel at the contact point as opposed to a beveled bottom.

6) collect comments from everyone that sees the truck. Even with less than stellar bodywork and paint, the rims make the truck stand out.

7)have fun, after all, you are driving a Ratsun:D.




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