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New Datsun 520/521 windshields


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Just got a note from Richard Tankel from ProSsource Glass International

I have purchased 510, 620, high and low roadster windshields and other glass from him.

He is bringing in some brand new 520/521 windshields from the UK.

I can get them for $315 each plus $10-$15 handling.  I am arranging a shipment to Lynnwood, WA.  Let me know asap if you want one.


ProSource Glass international

Toll Free 877-345-2800 US & Canada


                   978-790-4657 Cell



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Are these windshields non-tinted, no dark band across the top?

Do they conform with DOT requirements?




From Richard:



Technically these windshields are even better than the Chinese as they are Pilkington manufactured which is the OEM for the British and a lot of American cars. They are DOT approved, little expensive  so we  do not utilize for the Datsun  line as much. But they have the tooling so  cheaper for short run production than having made up on our own. The tint is a light I think blue tint throughout or possibly light green but similar to the  510 windshields in color. No ne seems to make a clear and no shade band on top production.  Hope info helps.


We got a bunch of Z Car glass some door glasses and quarters prob going to dump on Ebay cheap when I have the time.


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$315 each plus $10-$15 handling plus shipping outside Lynnwood?


If you are not close to me, go directly through Richard.  He has depots througout the country that he can ship to consolidated and you can pick up there, saves a couple hundred dollars shipping direct to you.


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Can anyone confirm the 520 and 521 windshields are interchangeable?  The manufacturer lists the same part for all years but I'd like to hear your experience(s).


Nissan had two parts for different years - I assume T5.0 and T6.6 are the thicknesses, in millimeters.  However, they list weatherstrip as only with or without moulding, not by date or glass thickness.


GLASS-WINDSHIELD (LAMINATED)T5.0   72613-14801 J13 T SERIES   - 6709

GLASS-WINDSHIELD (LAMINATED)T6.6   72613-28000   6710 -

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I bought my glass from Pilkington Classics and had it delivered to their "depot" in Sacramento. When I picked them up it was a Pilkington office, the guy de-crated it and inspected to make sure the glass was good.  Sounds like the same set up and pricing is similar.  I never thought to ask if the glass was DOT approved but it was made in the UK.

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