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parts from kentigo (Mexico) & thegoodspeed1526 (Thailand) via ebay

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my Kentigo Datsun door parts arrived from Mexico today. I ordered door handle escutcheons from them on September 29, 2014 and they arrived on October 27, 2014.


I was made aware by the seller that the shipping time would be a rather long, drawn out affair BTW. The folks were very honest and left me positive feedback within twenty-four hours of my purchase.


They provided a tracking number at the time of purchase but the number did not become active until October 20. Also, the parts were apparently processed at a customs facility in Flushing, NY on October 23.


I thought I would offer a fairly detailed synopsis of my purchase from them to illustrate to curious but hesistant potential buyers my positive experience with the company.


here is the envelope in which they arrived:




here are the escutcheons as packaged. does anyone else see that ratsun-approved "facro" mouse face :thumbup: ???






new and old units side by side. the main differences between them seems to be that the new are not marked "left" and "right", lack several mold marks and the recessed area where the mounting screw fastens the piece to the door seems less well-formed and a bit thinner than the original.







here is the old:




and here is the new:




I would say that the parts are usable and acceptable but certainly not the quality of the originals. However, I have no major complaints with them and absolutely would buy from them again. I have read some horror stories about the quality of lenses some folks bought from kentigo as well as insanely slow shipping but they are cheap, cheap, cheap parts for a thirty-five year old car shipped from a developing nation currently attempting to modernize. Again, I have no real complaints and would buy from the seller again.

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I also had an experience with this seller that I would like to share. 


I found myself in need of a hood latch for my 510.  The old one was unable to adjust for height and was downright ugly.  The listing on ebay stated it was for multiple models including the 510.   I figured the cost was low enough to take a chance on it.  Shipping took a while, but I was prepared for that based on the listing and good communication from the seller.  After receiving my hood latch components, I found some differences.


The lower latch component bolted into place.  Note the interference with the radiator support for the release mechanism.  If I used this component, I would be unable to open the hood.



A comparison with the original lower latch piece.  The quality seems fine, but the lever to pop the hood open is too long.



Here is a comparison of the release lever length that is causing the problem

OE Datsun part




Compared to the new replacement



The hood mounted portion of the latch looks ok.  It is of similar quality to the original.  I will be using it on the car.

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These are some 521 hood latches and catches that I derusted in a crock pot, and with some molasses, and water.

about seven parts water, one part molasses, then scrub with a brush, and Dawn dishwashing  detergent.






After they were dry, I lightly wirebrushed them.

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not gonna do a build thread for carpet so here ya go:




chunk of $39 roll of indoor/outdoor carpet from Sutherland's Lumber that I cut to fit. It's sitting on a piece of $20 bubble insulation. I should have went with a darker blue buuuuuut I kind of like the smurf acid trip effect of fifty shades of blue and it still looks better (to me) than the nasty, rotten, thirty-five year old stuff I yanked out.

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got my door lock knobs from Thailand today. I ordered them on 29 January 2015 and they arrived today 2 March 2015.


(the business card is covering my home address.)


BTW: the seller prints your phone number on the mailing address after your postal code!


The seller does include a tracking number for "Thailand Post".


Here is the timeline of events as recorded by the tracking info:

February 9, 2015
11:09:15 BANG KHONTHI Accept
February 9, 2015
12:55:11 BANG KHONTHI Items Into Container
February 9, 2015
14:22:15 BANG KHONTHI Dispatch
February 10, 2015
10:46:26 SUVARNABHUMI MAIL CENTRE Container Received
February 10, 2015
13:46:54 SUVARNABHUMI MAIL CENTRE Departure From Outward OE
February 18, 2015
22:28:00 United States of America (USJFKA) Accept

They left me positive feedback almost as soon as I paid. I get that these are not high dollar items. I'm just offering my personal experiences for folks who may be considering purchasing from these same far-flung sellers.

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