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NOS 520 body panels FS

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I have a lot of NOS body panels for sale. They are all NOS, but they are also 40 years old, so some havea little surface rust. I have both bed sides, tailgate, both doors, pass front fender, and core support.


I'd rather not ship this stuff, since it's a PITA. So if you want something, and want it shipped, you'd have to make it worth my while to crate it up and go down to the Freight places.


As for price, Idealy I'd like $500 for the whole lot, and you pick up. But in reality I need these gone. I have no 520 anymore, and these take up a lot of space.









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Do you know how interchangable this stuff it with 521 stuff? Lot more people with 521's who might be interested it they thought they would fit.


I have a 520 dash in my 521, so I know tha tfits, bet some of this stuff would too. Heck if you had two front fenders, someone could almost convert their 521 to a 520!


I would take it from you in a heart beat for $200 on the chance the bed sides tailgate and doors would fit a 521. Alas I am on the other side of the country.:(

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The bed sides and tailgate are a direct match to the later 521. The doors are the same shape, but the lock mechanism cutout holes are different. Otherwise I believe they "fit" the same. The core support and front fenders are not interchangeable. The 520 is a few inches shorter than the 521.


You could use the doors on the 521 if you just alter the lock cutouts. From what I have heard this isn't too hard if you can do a little metalwork.


I'm *really* surprised that more people aren't interested in these. You all realize that you'll **NEVER** see NOS 520 sheetmetal EVER again, right?


Heck, I'd even trade for something I can use on my 312.....like a good J-13 carb or something.


I'd even be interested in meeting someone halfway somewhere, just to see this stuff go to a good home. I'm the kind of guy that can't see this stuff go to waste.

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I think I have a buddy going to Phoenix in the next few weeks. I'll give him a call and get back to you. If he'll bring it all back, I'll take it all. His parents live there and he could at least take it all to their house and I'll get it later.


Give me a call -

Bob (719)499-7234

I'm in Colorado

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Nice job Bob...I hope to make it down there to see you one of these days and I want to just drag my hand across the side of one of those bedsides! :blink:

Never had a log thrown into it from 30 feet away, never had a bike leaned up against it, never hit by a shopping cart, never heard the word "ooops" after being hit by the BMW that parked next to it. Never got driven in the snow. Never had a crappy Maaco paint job after someone smeared Bondo all over it to make it look like all the other stuff never happened to it!:lol:


Anyway...hope to chat later,


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Awesome, glad all the panels made it. Hope you guys can give them a good home.


On the fender, you can still see the assembly hanger tab tacked into the light opening. Most of the parts still have the black part numbers on them somewhere, ableit faded.

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