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620 king cab

gene knight

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Yes went and got the truck and brought it to my house and then went to a classic car show with charlie69 for a few hours and then I had my family over to celebrate my birthday early since it lands on monday but I have to work so I'm drained

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I am the person he bought the 620 from.  I loaned another member the money to buy it a while back and do to medical reasons I had to pick it up and resale it.  Sweet truck 77 factory AC with automatic.


I have a small home with an HOA so I can only keep 2 vehicles at a time at my house.  I do my best to help save all the Datsun's I can.

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So if you could wait to take pics, why couldn't you wait to tell us about it?  :confused:



Happy Birthday.


You know you're a Datsun owner when you.... Have time to tell everybody about it but not enough time to get the camera out and load pictures to PB.

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I'm having trouble with my photobucket being not able to download on this website but if you go to desertdatsuns.com then click on pickups then scroll down to 620 king cab look for pix

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i'm thinking on selling 1 of the 620 kc trucks, i have a plethora of extra 620 parts, like fenders,doors, tailgates, windows, floorpans

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