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Its only a 4door......


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Sometimes it really is the easy answer.....


I've done the same level stupid shit just cus I was way overthinking things -.-


But you got it and that's all that matters!

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More done last night. Totally forgot about the issue im having with getting the lower radiator hose on to the engine. The hose will not clear the boot I have from the maf to the throttle body. Im using what I believe to be a single cam thermostat housing. Tonight im going to skip the headache and bleed the hydraulics and im hoping get the bumpers bolted on if I can make it to the hardware store before they close. Then pick n pull tommorow after work in search of a throttle cable

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Clocked ot all fucking weekend and pulled the trans on the yota so its back on this bitch. picked up a complete s13 exhaust last night so ill possibly be towing it to an exhaust shop this weekend to get that taken car of not sure yet. Also picking up a throttle cable after work from the same dude. Im thinking tonight I should atleast get the hydraulics blead and start running the battery cable to the trunk.

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and this is the bastard belt i was looking for



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I just drove it for the first time. Just did a I turn in front of my house but I drove it damnit!!!!!

It always feel good when I get one of my cars that has not run in a while to fire up like now when I have used a motor that has been sitting out of a car for a while. But the feeling I get when able to drive it the first time after it's been sitting is great. And as it runs better as time go's on the feeling gets even greater.


Good luck and enjoy her.

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Needs exhaust and registrations. Not looking forward to going to dmv because I just have a feeling its going to take like 3trips. And weve had some family matters to tend to these past few weeks but that is now said and done with.

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