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another 5 speed quistion!

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Doglegs are too short and weaker. Don't use.


These FS5W71B type will drop in:


'77-'79 620

'80 2wd 720

'77-'83 280Z/ZX


These are not all the same internal gear ratios, including the over drive 5th. Some are 'close ratio', less drop in RPMs when shifting, some are more 'wide ratio' more space between shifts. The '80-'83 has a high over drive for highway cruise economy.

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Another plus is that the FS5W71B 5spd. will fit exactly where the old F4W71B 4spd. was. Tranny mount, spline, shifter location all good to go.


Unless you know for sure what clutch size was used with this new 5spd, use the old release bearing collar or housing from the 4spd. It is matched to your clutch size. Replace the bearing for sure unless it is already new. Nothing worse than a squeaky bearing in 3-4 months when you can do it now for only the cost of it.


Put a dab of white lithium grease on the fork contact points and the round pivot ball socket. Don't forget the slave push rod end either, and wipe a very thin layer on the input splines.


For about $6 you can replace the tail stock oil seal. I recommend this, again, because it's easier now than later.


For about half that amount you can get the crank shaft pilot bushing from Nissan. This bushing supports the leading edge of the tranny input spline and if broken or worn can cause shudder during clutch engagement and vibration. The easiest way to get the old one out is with a small cold chisel. Carefully cut down the length of the bushing. It's made of sintered bronze, which is a part made of compressed bronze powder that is heat treated and may be oil impregnated for life long lubrication. It will be fairly soft. Make one or two more cuts and pick out the pieces. Don't gouge the crank shaft but don't worry about a scratch... it will hold the pressed in bushing better. Tap the new one in with hammer and block of wood. Again, cheap and easy to do now, not later.


Definitely empty the old oil out if it hasn't already run out. Remove the bottom drain bung, a good idea before you buy it if possible. It will likely have a black 'paste' stuck to the magnet on the end. This is normal... metal flakes and chips are not. I pulled one once that had a ball bearing stuck to it!! My current tranny had been sitting so I 'rinsed' it with a liter of ATF and spun the input spline and rolled the tranny on the lawn, then drained. Install empty, less mess, and fill when done.

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