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Ebay, Junk Parts from overseas

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Hey fellas I wanted to start this thread about some of the crap that comes from those guys overseas. I'm dealing with a guy right now, seller (designguu) from Singapore, I have bought some things in the past from him, some things not to bad and some crap. Of course I can't learn a lesson after the 100th time, but right now I have three items that I had won from him, front lights, inside mirror and pedal pads. He had emailed me a while back and stated that he had shipped them out, well got the lights the other day but nothing else. I've sent this guy a ton of messages with no reply. Sorry but I need to vent alittle. well let me continue. Tonite I am going to take some pics of stuff I have gotten from over there and if you don't already know, I will give everyone a little description of what I think is just junk and a waste of money.

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First off the front and back lights. I've used them before, lenses hold up pretty good to the weather, fading and stuff, but the rubbers dry up, shrink and crack pretty quick. 1 out of 10, I'd give them an 7 to 8


Next are the front amber side markers, suppose to be for 620, NOT. Not close, size is of and amber lense same thickness across (second pic) On the 620 as everyone knows the lenses are thicker on one end, same with the rears. I score these a negative-10 totally wrong.



Next is the door handle assembly with bezel. Looks good in pics, but they fail to tell you the chrome handle is made of plastic. Cheap and first hard pull on that and it would be in pieces. Score on this one is a 1,


Next is the window roller uppers (handles) Again, they look good in the pics, but are cheap. At least they are metal. Chrome is bad and the black knob (second pic) is just a snap in, no screw. First good window crank and off in your hand it'll come. Score on this one is a 2.



Next up is the tailgate latch. Seem to be made well. Hard to score this one, these are the first I have had and are going on my truck I'm working on right now. So I'll let you know when I get to that point.


Hopefully someone can let me know what the next one fits. I ordered some tailgate latches about a year ago and this is what I got. They look like inside door handles for a Roadster, but I don't know. If someone knows and needs them, I'll give them a deal. The guy never would return my emails to fix this, so I got stuck with them.


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Hopefully someone can let me know what the next one fits. I ordered some tailgate latches about a year ago and this is what I got. They look like inside door handles for a Roadster, but I don't know. If someone knows and needs them, I'll give them a deal. The guy never would return my emails to fix this, so I got stuck with them.



Not roadster, but maybe 410/411. I'll try to remember to look when I get home.


Gotta love the logos on the box to look like genuine Nissan.


I've heard more people complain than praise the overseas stuff on eBay, so I'm not touching any of it. Shipping costs are a killer, too. :fu:

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Always try Kragen's online before bidding on e-bay, Kragens has easy returns, reasonable prices and free shipping.


I've seen weather stripping for sale in the Kragen store for about $20 per package. Pedals were $5 each. I'm surprised how much Kragens has for my Datsun B210.


I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I've called imported auto parts store to find parts Kragens didn't have. I found an original NABCO master cylinder for $55, it works great.

You can e-mail me at Glaze_3@msn.com if you can't find a part. I've gotten pretty good finding parts by searching for parts for my Datsun.


I'll never buy from overseas e-bay'rs because the shipping expense is too expensive and now I find out the quality is bogus. Thanks Pete, Rubberman.

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Yeh but the problem there is that Kragen isn't going to carry an interior door handle for a 30 year old Datsun truck. Some mechanicals, but definitely no trim parts.


I think some of these things need to be bought knowing that there are no other outlets for such items. Sure it may not be an exact fit, but if it's close enough, I don't think it really matters. I think we should be happy that at least *someone* was attempting to make repros.


Yeh, the window crank is going to break, I can see that one for sure. But again, is there another supplier for new ones? If not, then.......

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i ahve been thinking about buying some things from that guy. tails and front markers mainly. if you keep the rubber parts conditioned they may hold up better. then again who knows. as for the side markers who knows how they are set up in the rest of the world. they may be flat like that or they could be angled like ours are. i dont knwo. but i have found that europeon and japanese parts for my VWs are usually slightly different in style and look so there could be a difference in teh look of the markers. ya never knwo they cold be original peices or just come cheap knockoffs.


as for handles i would try the stealership and see if they are still available. you might be suprised. i know i have been wiht my 620 already.

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Hell, I can go to the Advance store, Auto zone or Napa and pick up a generic set of cranks, cheaper and better built then these. But when I got these, I knew they are not originals, I thought they would be close and at least better built. I need to go buy some generic aftermarket ones and put them on ebay and say they for a 620 and talk it up like they are reproductions of the originals.

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Yeah man, I've bought parts from this guy a couple of times. First time out I bought front marker lights, tail lights, tail light housings, and a locking gas cap all in the same order. He gave a break on the shipping because of the big order. The housings didn't fit for shit, but that was o.k. because I was welding them in. I've noticed the rubber on the lights checking a little, but you get what you pay for I guess.


I just bought door pin switches, and they showed up quick, like less than a week! I have no probs with this guy, but I know when I buy this stuff what I'm getting, so I guess you gotta keep that in mind.


Rubberman, I have a spare set of window cranks and door handles that I'll practically give you if you want them.

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Hey Bee, I've already got some window cranks and the door pull I really didn't need, thanks anyway. and I know what yeah mean, you get what you pay for. I really didn't start this thread to down all the parts and the guys over there, more venting than anything, plus I wish someone could have told me about some of these parts. I wish I would have joined this forum early than I did.

Mike, if that is what those handles are, do you need a set or know someone that does. I'll give them a deal. $10.00 plus shipping.

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