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      1967 WRL 411 SSS


  Brake shoes and rear wheel cylinder rebuild kits from Rock Auto,  Yes order or NO


  I ordered and returned my wrl 411 1600 water pump from Rock Auto after it didn't fit Da. I also pulled the gen/alt to have it rebuilt and had the radiator dipped and pressure checked at the same time. I sent my original water pump to a local rebuild shop I  thought had gone out of business after the owner passed away. His son took on the job that took him about 10 + weeks, I felt for him and didn't pressure him. After putting everything back together and with the help of a battery charger the li car started right up. My newest problem was right before I started the car the brake pedal went to the floor. Seems the right rear wheel cylinder is leaking and needs rebuilt , thanks Grant

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Is there one or more questions here?  The water pump is a somewhat unique problem,  You most probably will have to modify a 1600 Roadster water pump in order to get a usuable unit.  Subject covered many times here, Google is your friend!  Brakes are a recuring problem, again Search is your friend!

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I had my rear brake shoes relined by Porterfield inc. I wasn't aware you could buy them anywhere...

Porterfield is awesome. It's pretty impossible to find brake shoes of decent quality, but they will reline anything with high performance material.

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