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1959 lg220 pickup truck on ebay

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i think this little thing is awesome. it's the first year of these trucks being imported to the us. was there really only 5? we got to ask this guy to steer the buyer to ratsun. super fuqing rare. awesome.


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good question. i think out of respect nobody has bothered to find out. i drive by his house sometimes just to make sure there are no datsuns are out front with for sale signs. i dont see the 223 in his front yard, i do see his 521 on the side of his house. poor woman has soo many datsun parts in the basement she probably doesn't know what to do.:confused: i'd like to get his 320.

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Can you imagine being back in '59. Imagine buying this thing and talking to your chevy and ford buddies, and being like, "Oh Hell yeah, I just bought me a Japanese truck called a datsun!"


Imagine the laughs!


I wonder if they were more thought of as yard machines than actually something you would drive to church on Sunday.


It took balls to buy a Datsun back then!!

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wow and I thought the 521 truck were tiny LOL


I know that Rod of Rod Discount Datsun parts here in the bay area has had his for that long also, I remember he had his up for sale at one time for like $35,000!!!


It would be cool if somebody picked it up and restored it for the datsun heritage museum in murrieta,ca.


Fix it up and drive her to JCCS show in Irvine!

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OK, lets all put Our heads together on this one. How many 59 photos have We seen so far? Where were the trucks located? Is this the most COMPLETE '59 that We've seen so far? What, collectively, do We all even know about 1959s? I don't know anything but I am looking at the first 59 hubcaps at least that I have ever seen. Very cool. How far forward did hubcaps have that "D" logo pressed into them? It is the same style "D" that is on the '64 that Mark and Guy just got. Are they the same diameter? We should start a thread in trucks about 1959s. Man, I need another project like I need a ..................... BUT IT IS COOL!!!!!!

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yup that thing is bad!

the issue with these trucks are "parts" many are quick to think they are cool, (and they are) but soon find out the replacement part are nearly impossible to find:mad:

but if you had nothing but time (and money)...:D:cool:


I recall Paul writing "cant find glass, rubber,anything!" and he hadnt even started on complaining about engine parts.:blink:

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being that it was 95 percent complete as long as you have a piece to copy from anything can be remade. i'm guessing the rubber would be hardest to find, but you could use generic stuff if you didn't want to spring for having everything remade. i'm sure that has to be a common engine shared with other datsuns. i mean the only things as far as the engine you'd have a hard time finding would be the head gasket and bearings. all other gaskets could be cut from a roll. i sometimes cut my own gaskets cause the ones in the store are too damn thin.


i wonder what the 5 percent is thats missing.

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