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JFZ / Willwood Brakes on yoAr Basic 510 Strut assembly


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Do you want to upgrade your brakes without purchasing bigger wheels?


Do you want to retain your 13” wheels?


Do you want to keep your 510 strut assemblies?


No problem!!


This Stainless Steel adapter will fit to your stock 510-strut assembly without modification.  You can even retain your OEM 17mm mounting bolts if you wish. 






The 3/8” Stainless, CNC’d adapters have custom spacers TIG welded to the assembly.  The adapter is a direct bolt on using Grade 8 hardware and self locking nuts.




The Rotors are also available if desired.  The vented rotors are machined to fit the 510 OEM Spindle.




Please inquire for pricing or if there are any further questions. 



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These adapters can be made for any set up. 


I personally dont own a 280 strut for an adapter to be mucket up on, but I dont forsee it being difficult at all.


The one and only concern I do have is the spindle /  hub dimensions and the wheel combo.


This current set up is great because you get vented rotors, an option for great calipers and the ability to keep the 13" wheels all by retaining your stock 510 strut assembly!  

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The original post is for an adapter for the stock 510 strut to allow a larger caliper, and the big thing, (to some) is allowing it to clear and use the stock 13" rims. The caliper used isn't mentioned, or I missed it and the vented rotors are custom make and will be hard to find when replacing.



Most people replace the 510 strut with a 280zx strut* which has larger bearings, a huge caliper, vented rotors and is shorter for the usual lowering of the vehicle ride height. Parts are at any auto parts store. This is the usual road to go, but the caliper is a tight fit inside a 13" rim. Most want a 14" rim anyway for the tire choices available.


* Note here that the 280z and the 280zx struts are nothing the same and do not fit the 510. The 280z caliper uses a solid old style rotor.

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