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Anybody got good clear photos of a late 620 L20B a/c compressor mount?


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Sometime over the winter, I'm planning to add a Vintage Air heat/defrost/ac unit to my 79 KC - from what I can remember from the 79 I had years ago that had ac, both the compressor and the smog pump mount to the driver's side of the engine, but I can't seem to find any good clear photos of how the bracket and/or idler/tensioner are set up.


Removing the smog pump is NOT an option - if anybody has good photos of a combination smog pump / ac compressor mount, I'd love to see 'em, and on the off chance that anyone's removed the ac from a 620 and has the bracket and related parts, I'd be interested in buying those parts.......

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compressors, and my memory of the a/c in the one owner yellow 79 5 speed CA smog KC I owned back around 1986 (never shoulda' sold that truck - oh well) is that it had a Hitachi rotary compressor that I'm 90+ % sure was mounted on the driver's side. One of the trucks I looked at in Oregon a couple of months ago was originally an a/c truck, and still had what appeared to be a rotary compressor/smog pump bracket on the driver's side as well - no compressor, smog pump or hoses, just the bracket.


Given the photos in the two threads and the Hitachi compressor on my old truck, I'd guess there must've been more than one type of dealer installed a/c kit. I remember being shocked at the cost of replacing the Hitachi rotary compressor (the a/c didn't work very well due to internal leaks in the compressor - wouldn't hold an R12 charge). No Sanden/Sankyo conversions were available at that time, so I just lived without it. I also remember thinking that it didn't make much sense to have the compressor on the driver's side with all the smog plumbing, the steering box, and the intake and exhaust already on that side and the passenger side essentially wide open except for the alternator.


Depending on what I can turn up, I may have to see if I can fab up a pair of brackets for the right side of the engine - one to mount a Sanden compressor below the radiator hose, and a new bracket for the alternator that would move it up by the head.

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would z car stuff work, the s130 cars, i have like 3 compressors and driver side mounts that id sell for uber cheap, like 10 plus shipping type of thing, any takers? all worked when i scrapped the cars


section at P&P looking at ac compressor / smog pump brackets on whatever early carbureted cars/trucks I can find. Definately need to try to find an L20B engined 720 with ac to look at, too - quite a few of them seem to have ac out here, they're late enough to use rotary compressors, and they're probably the closest "cousins" to the 620 that I'm likely to find.


Best case scenario would be to find something that mounts to the right side of the block and can be modified to work with a Sanden compressor, but I'll take what I can get.

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What kind of compressors to the 240sx's have?


I'm planning on doing a vintage air system in my 521. I'm wondering if I can use the stock compressor from the donor engine..


compressor that's intended to fit that engine.


You might want to download Vintage Air's catalog (it's in PDF form on their web site) - there's a lot of very good info on sizing compressors and condensors to the system, along with spec info on their system components.

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