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I still don't have my Z title


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i bought my z back in early june. i was given a title, but it wasn't in the current owners name. it was from tennesse. so when i went to SOS, after waiting forever of course, they said because its an out of state title from 2 owners ago, i cant put it in my name. so i call up the PO and he wil meet me to get it sorted out. Well, that didnt even go right, he was 45 minutes late meeting me at SOS, then was told he has to get the title in the mail, he can sign it off, then mail it to me. so we do that, he mails it. guess what! FedEx loses the package :angry: so here i am 4 1/2 months later, still no title. :sweat:


who owns a car for 2 years and never puts the title in their name??? :blink:


Tennesse  owner --> PO --> Me. is the history that i know.

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I use a registration service. They have been great. It costs $250 for their service but so far it has paid off. They come to me, they do all the paperwork and unless it's a truck and has to be weighed, I never have to go anywhere to do anything. One truck I have had $1700 of back fees, they got it down to $40.

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Yeah I'm waiting on a title as well. My mom lost the one to my 210. It's been a month or so that a replacement was requested. You know they cashed the check right away though. F'ing DMV.

He got the first one in a week, the after a couple I asked, and said he sent it, looked it up, was lost. So now it's been about a month since he requested for lost title and all thay

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If you have direct contact with the person who sold it to you, or rather, the person it's currently registered to, you ought to be able to have them file for a lost title. You may be able to initiate the paperwork without bringing her along, but chances are you'll need her signature at least.


I have made up people before and titled cars without paperwork. You just make sure your signature and handwriting are not the same as the other (fictional) person. I know it's stretching the limits of what's legal, but it's all in the intent...if you bought the car legally and are merely trying to inject some cash into the local government, where's the harm? Now if you are clearly intending to defraud, that's something I would not try.

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I hate it when people don't put a vehicle in their name and then lose the title. They caused the problem but can't help. If it was in their name and they lost it they can meet you at the DMW and sign it over without the title or get a Lieu of Title.



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geeez that sucks. my car hasn't been registered for about 9 years so I have to deal with those fees. And I live in California so good luck to me right.

Your friendly clerk at any CA DMV has total authority to bargain with you or waive fees altogether. Go in and make an offer they can't refuse.

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so after months i got it. he ordered a title, but it was sent to the wrong address, so it got lost... then he re-ordered it, somehow said it made its way to germany to his parents house there???

no idea. filed for lost title, got an instant title, we finally met, i got the copy of a title and brought it to local SOS, and just got my official title yesterday! so relieved because i am doing so much work to the car haha

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Not a good Idea to work on a vehicle until you get a clear title! My son's Toyota pickup was stolen and sold to a "poor sole" at a Southern California street corner meet. The buyer proceeded to install a new engine and other improvements. Only after spending all that money did he try to register the truck. The CHP promptly recognised the "stolen vehicle" alert and my son got his truck and its new engine back no charge except for the towing fee! Whitch he promptly covered by renewing his AAA coverage! Be careful!

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