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Stupid California


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Of course, theprice of fuel won't go down though.

theres really no reason for it to be as high as it is.  They just like the revenue because people have been paying for it that long.  Now there just getting greedy thats why they want to tax.

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Well, here is a quick lesson. A huge company makes more money in a month than the money that actually even physically exists. Then they say, that they made this amount of money. Then...the public says, "well maybe you could lower the price of your product a little" they reply with that they can't afford to, because they are practically giving the shit away as it is, any less and they would lose money. You say, "but you made a trillion dollars this month in profit". The say "oh, look at the squirrel over there". New math.

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Oh yah, What about Smoke? And how many more Rambo ninja guys like him run'n around in the bushes up there? I'll stick with Cali style crazy thank you. I have this image of myself hog tied and hanging from a moss covered tree. Put the knife away mister, no I don't taste good. Owe stop poking me!

First thing I thought was....







Did the road draft tubes have the same "clean oil" effect without the pesky "lowering emissions" junk? 

Well they would spray oil on the road and smell in the air for the cars behind. Highways had a 'skid mark' up the center back then. While blow by and fumes could escape, the engine was still full of them when shut off and would condense over night. P means POSITIVE crankcase ventilation.


My dad's '51 chev had the large tube down the side of the block and was at least 10 years before the PCV valve. As a teen I would change the oil and found that 4 quarts would over fill the engine. Later the oil pan had to come off to change the main bearings. In the bottom was a half inch thick white putty-like substance. It was water/oil/gas 'margarine' churned by the engine.

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