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YES!! I found my ugly kid joe TAPE!!!!


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This album is cool!! Man I remember rockin this tape in my old 620 with those sweet multi speaker boxes behind the seat with like a jensen 80watt amp!! Oh remember the early 90's?


Cause I hate everything about you! Now I gotta go find the tableture for this song so I can play it!!

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Never was a ukj fan but it was straight outta my teen years.:D And I must say the new metallica is pretty damn good. Very surprised there.

I found a slayer tape from the eighties today...

I went to the ugly kid joe,slaughter,ozzy show in seattle but we missed ugly kid joe and slaughter was the biggest joke I have ever seen!Awful but Ozzy was good,of course..Ah..old school.:rolleyes:

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Eyeah hate the rain and sunny weathuh, And Eyeah hate the beach and mountains tooooo! Boo Hoo! And Eyeah dont like a thing about the city No No, And Eyeah, I I hate the countrside too! And I hate EVERYTHING about you!


Awesome! I played the shit outta that tape!:D

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Ahhh brings back memories of geting an older friend to buy us beer and sitting in the basement watching Headbangers Ball! (I still wear a Headbangers Ball teeshirt!)


Right about then there was that band Every Mothers Nightmare that was pretty cool too!

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