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What's the fastest you've ever gone in a 510?

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No bullshit, I'd have put that crazy assed old tweeker in the hospital...at the least. Family or not, coming into someone's house with a weapon and going crazy is a good way to get your ass perforated where I come from.


Kids, this is why you shouldn't do drugs:-).

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Shit I've had worse by my own dead beat father. The bitch was supposed to drop of my grandfathers tool chest that he gave to me when he died. Shit once he found out there were tools in it he started going through it taking tools. I said it wasn't his he started coming after me. That bitch didn't see the chainsaw bar coming till I hit him in the head. That kid should have done the same. Lol how's that for shitty parenting?

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I hit 98 in my 71 four door once on a loooonnng straight away highway just outside of Las Vegas.

That all depends on how far outside Vegas you were. You know what happens "in" Vegas stays in Vegas. Therefore, if you were still in the city limits... it didn't happen. Just say'n

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115 in this car, downhill straight about a mile long, Z22 with a 280ZX 5spd. Torque is good at pushing bricks...


Routinely did 90-95 in this car. High strung L16 with 4.11s maxes out around that speed, but gets there fairly easily. Pavement-scraping air dam helps too...

nice dimes 

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