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Hello my fellow ratsun brothers,


Can anyone help me figure out what bolt-pattern rims fit my 70 521, right now i have 14x6's on my truck, but i'm looking for something that looks better. A bit smaller, and maybe in 5-lug (don't mind 6-lug) but if you could help me by telling me what patterns and sizes fit my truck. as well as some suggestions. Thanks



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What I understand the bolt pattern is 6x5.5. So with some minor mods later model Nissan truck rims, Chevy truck, toyota 4x4, and maybe more will fit. Pattern wise anyway. Of course you will have to watch the offset so they won't rub on anything of importance.

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Try this link address, they have been very helpful to me many times, on several different cars. They are saying that ALL Nissan truck type vehicles have the same 6x139.7 pattern (the same 6x5.5 as you mentioned earlier) from '73 up to the present. You will find the same bolt pattern (be thoughtful of backspacing and center bore here!)on almost all GMC, Chevy, Toyota and Cadillac trucks and SUVs. There are others too, but those are the ones that would be most likely to actually have rims you would want.:blink: I know for a fact that the same pattern was factory on Datsuns earlier than '73 since my '71 has 17 inch 2008 GMC Yukon rims on it and they fit almost perfectly from the factory. Very little clearancing was needed to make them fit perfectly. :cool:


You must be thoughtful of rims that are "hub-centric" rather than "lug-centric", meaning the rim is centered by the center bore vs. being centered by the conical shape of the lugs. Rims with square shouldered lug seats are commonly (but not always) hub-centric. Rims with tapered, conical lug seats are generally (but not always;)) lug-centric.


On all lug-centric rims, you MUST be thoughtful of the contact area at the bottom of the lug. Buy new lugs man!!! I spent one dollar each on mine and the contact area was massive compared to the little dinky stock ones...plus they are all chrome and shiny:D


Here is the address for Nissan patterns, but you ought to look around their website and see what the options are.




Here is a pic of mine with the 17's. Do a search for the topic as well, since I KNOW it has been well covered here several times.




Have fun with it man...every different rim/tire combo really changes the look and feel of the truck...and the handling too:rolleyes:

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