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carb mounting


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The RTV/Permatex can be used as a very temporary band-aid. The gasoline will soften the rtv and produce a vaccumn leak that is worse than before. Not a recommened practice at all. Might get you by until your new gaskets get ordered the next day, but why. Just get yourself a roll of the make-your-own gasket material and make some. They will be far superior to the RTV band-aid.



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Kinda hard to clog the jets since it's below the carb. I've seen folks put the carb gasket (the top one) together with RTV and that did clog up everything. Still, RTV on a carb gasket isn't a good idea.


Just get a roll of gasket paper from the local parts store and cut your own. That's what I do. I generally put everything together dry now except where there are converging joints or cork gaskets. I used to coat everything and wondered why it all leaked.

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Go to a dollar store and buy a hand held hole punch. Think that's what they are called. Look kind of like pliers, spring loaded and will punch small holes in cardboard. If you have ever tried to cut small bolt holes with scissors or a sharp knife you'll know that's BS. With the hole punch you can nibble any size hole and they look good. Just trace the gasket out.

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OK Guys..here is a really OLD MAN tip..if ya don't have a punch...take the gasket material you have...lay it over the area you want to make the gasket for, take a small Ball peen hammer and GENTLY tap the material around all the holes...this will mark the location perfectly..go a bit farther and a little harder with the hammer and, it will take the material out of the hole and there you have it....this is as I say quite an OLD backyard trick taught to me by my Father probably when I was in Jr High..(1954-55)....been doin it this way fer years....saves ya some time and ugly exacto lookin holes...Ha Ha Ha

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