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Unlucky13 520 rebuild


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Well for those of you that remember Zach Edwards old 520 formerly known as "unlucky13" I now have the truck. It has been redone since Zach had it because the frame had faded pink, as well as interior. The frame is now blue, inside of bed is white, and interior is shit brown. This is how I picked the truck up. I got it back to my shop and got everything working and motor running then discovered it had a miss to it. So I bought new plugs and wires and cap to try and fix miss. None if it helped. So I went deeper and did a compression test to find cylinder 4 had nothing. So I pulled the head to find a hole in the piston the size of a nickel. So I pull the motor with plans of rebuilding it but the motor was trashed way over hopes of rebuilding within a understandable budget. And with the stock j13 only making 67 hp, I decided to go a different route. Well it just so happens that my shop Astro van had to a shit on me, (transfer case locked up causing rear end to lock up causing rear end to come out from under it). So I yanked the 60,000 mile 4.3 v6 out of it and crammed it and a th350 transmission in the 520. That's as far as I've gotten so far. I'm gonna be redoing the interior and what not over the winter and bringing it back to the truck it once was. I'd love to post pictures and show everybody as soon as somebody can tell me how to do so haha

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