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Signals not working


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Stop lamps and 4 way hazard switch are on the same 15 amp fuse. It's 12 to the right or four to the left from the right side.


It's been so long what exactly is not working??

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On 5/7/2022 at 11:36 AM, Datsun pickup said:

The hazards work just fine, but the turn signals don’t work. Would it be the turn signal switch?


12 minutes ago, Datsun pickup said:

Is the turn signal switch the culprit of the problem?


First the 720 has a known problem with the 4 way emergency flasher switch. Turn ignition on and signal left or right. Make sure the emergency 4 way switch is all the way OFF, now slowly push the switch towards ON. When the turn signal starts working, stop.


Doesn't help? Swap the 4 way flasher with the turn signal flasher. If turn signals start working then the flasher was bad.



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There was no guarantee it was the flasher and why I said to swap with the 4 way flasher. Now you have a new but unknown if reliable part.


Can you do what I said to try with the 4 way flasher switch?

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I’m guessing it’s the switch but no clue, my right blinker works fine while my left doesn’t do anything. It used to make a single click and the blinker light would come on the dash for a split second but the tail light itself didn’t do a thing. Now when I try to turn my blinker on i don’t even hear a click or get a dash light for it. Again it’s only the on left side, that’s what’s really getting me

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720 turn signals and headlight switch are problematic. Short of replacing it, try flushing with spray electrical contact cleaner. The lube put on at the factory dries and also collects dust. Might be a good idea to remove the column assembly entirely to get at it. 

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