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datto love at classic car shows


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ive taken my 320 to a lot of local car shows this year just to share it and talk cars with people. normally dattos dont get very much love at shows as far as the voting for awards so i had never expected or cared to win anything. boy, was i surprised when they called my name for winning 1st place in 60s pickup. i beat out a couple restored elcaminos and some late 60s chevy c10s. i know its been brought up before about people getting discouraged about not gettin recognition at classic car shows but there are a lot of other people that still love these little gems.

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thats just too cool, i get a lot of questions about my 620 at shows, and a lot of people reconize it from way back when i would display it under construction and though out the years, it's good to get a little pat on the back once in a while, when u don't expect it, congrats..:D

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thanks guys. i was so surprised about it too. they were having all the award winners give little speaches about their vehicle and the history of it. i had to think of stuff on the fly and im not the type of person that likes to talk to a group of strangers, let alone a lot of people through a mic.


one really good thing came out of the weekend for sure. the main reason i brought it there was because i was slappin a for sale sign on it. now i think i have completely changed my mind and am gonna junk my mazda project to start on my NL. so then i can have a bagged one and a stock one. i think ill be much happier in the long run, even though, my mazda will be gone.

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