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Did not get to watch the whole thing. But I see it as massive opportunity missed by Trump. He could have put it away. Clinton was condescending. Trump did ramble. I see no change in the current status.



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Still don't feel either one is fit to rule one of the most powerful entities in our known universe


That could be said about the last 12 years... or more.

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Yeah... he promises things like a fucking politician. Now looks like a bag of farts.


I have a feeling he'll deliver. If he wasn't a threat, people wouldn't be taking hits out on him.

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After about 15 minutes the debate turned into a fight. I kept looking for Don King or Dana White to step in between them for the stare down.


No one gained any ground. They spoke to their own audience and frankly I think both know they cannot reach into each others pool of voters at this point and take away.


It was a fun show and I loved how Trumpet levied the best insults. He rambled a bit but sure did get me smiling at the reference to emails being turned over and he would deliver his tax returns.


She has brass balls stating he needed to show who he has done business with considering her pretty obvious mega wealthy donors getting favors from her.


It was fun to watch but....meh I had no expectation that it wasn't going to be anything but a show.

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I don't think that either of them are worth voting for.

If I had been Trump, when she brought up him not paying taxes, I would have said, "I am using the same laws that you use, and they are the same ones you taught your daughter to use", I bet that would have stunned her, I cannot imagine that there would be any response that anyone could make to that statement.

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What are the hits for Hillary Clinton tho.. and Arnold Palmer?


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Also.. most Internet polls I've been able to find including the time magazine has trump winning the debate.


So.... who the fuck knows what happened tonight.

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