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71 510 4dr project

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Acquired this 510 and I don't have time to get it going.


1. all lights are working

2. has surprisingly clean dash

3. all glass is good and side windows roll up easily

4. has engine but no carb

5. has a/c don't know if it works, don't know if is it factory. It is definitely peroid correct.

6. has 8 track stereo, LOL

7. headliner is surprisingly good

8. missing hood, fenders and front fascia

9. grill and headlight surrounds are with the car but not installed.

10. has some rust.

11. all doors open and close smoothly


I wish I had the time to resurrect this dime but I have a 240 I am trying to finish, a 620 I just started and Goon I am about to start....too many damn projects.



I am in Tucson Arizona and require pick only, I won't ship.


asking 400.00 0b0 (very negotiable) Very cool Edelbrock carb sticker included no charge...LOL











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