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My new 'old' 280ZX turbo - 1983


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I've been keeping an eye out for a couple months for the right Z. Nice but not too expensive. I just picked this up Saturday morning before the Private Ratsun show.


1983 turbo, 139k miles, all stock except for the tape deck and alarm.

























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so even though I dont' plan to work on this car until I get my house listed for sale, I've begun with my shopping list and ordering a few things.


So far I have "most" of what I will buy for it listed out. I'm at $3500 in parts! (not much for the engine either) This is just body, wheels/tires, suspension, and interior.

I spent $400 recently. T3 just came out with some adjustable tension rods (same as 510 style) so I ordered those. Short shifter and steering wheel are on their way too.



my 350Z is for sale if you know anyone interested. Its on craigslist

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more fun to customize, much cheaper, unique, and the Datsun people are more cool to hang out with than 350Z people. :D


Plus I can have more funds available for real estate.


I'm with you on this 100%! I was looking at a couple of new/newer cars, now that I'm back in the work force, getting lots of overtime. None of them really "did" it for me like my dattos. I'd rather have two dattos than one new car.

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yes, four on the outside, one on the inside.


The fender emblems I thought are supposed to say "280ZX Turbo" but these just say 280ZX. I wonder if they were replaced or if the dealer put the standard 280ZX emblems on because of the door markings.

I know emblems do get stolen sometimes...


I plan to take off all the emblems on the outside of the car but leave the door decals.

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