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rekeying a 521 glove box lock

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this is something you can do yourself seeing that you dont have to remove the front face and replace it like on a door lock. to start all you have to do is remove the one screw on the back and the cylinder will come out.









the tumblers pull right out and have a small spring under each one.



my lock was missing one tumbler on purpose i think as a dead slot for rearranging purposes. it took me a while, many tries but eventually i got it and had to leave out another tumbler. 2 were high 2 were low and 1 was in between and the cut of my key would not accept the right combo unless i took out that other tumbler. it was fun and easy to do. not that many people have this lock but you can save $30 by doing it yourself.








now go find yourself a 521 locking glove box lock. it's a cool option.:)

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didn't even know that was an option. I'll have to keep an eye out. Wonder why one wasn't offered for 510s? :confused:


510 did came with locking glove box.

Just not the ones in US.

See picture (left lock)

Anyone know what the other lock is?

Can't remember what cartruck I took it out of.




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Nice demo! Great pics for that day when I stumble upon a glove box lock in a yard!

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Did the 620 ever come with a locking glove box? I have never seen one or even heard of one until Tdaaj mentioned it a couple posts up.



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