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drivin with the hood off baby / smoke ? / steam ?


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so yesterday while drivin my truck around town with the hood off.. i noticed at stop lights theres a little smoke / steam commin from the engine at idle an a little at take off.. i cant notice it while drivin im assuming because the wind moves it to quickly or maybe it doesnt doit as much... i think its commin from either A the pcv thing on the top of the valve cover.. (cause its just open) or its comming from the crank case vent on the block.. (also just open) it doesnt smell and its not black or blue its like a light grey white barely even noticeable.. should i be concerned?? if so should i find ways to route the pcv/crank case vents to the intake?? i know we've discussed this before but its time for an update! haha.. other then that the truck runs really good except for the clutch is gettin weak at take off.. and im in need of a carrier bearing like a mofo.. and lets not forget the god awful exhaust leak.. i cant be sneaky atall while drivin.. i did scare a little old asain lady tho.. hey man she was creepin the stop light so i did to so i took off a little quick an so did she but once i dropped the hammer an opened the secondarys on my weber she jerked hard right almost hit the curb.. i didnt doit on purpose but i couldnt help but laugh

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i have no pcv valve the valve cover jus runs open... an as for the crank case tube its just open also.. an the rad cap is newish an i think thats all good the stuff i see is commin from mid to rear engine


btw thats an old pic.. plug wires are new 8mm ngk's and some of the fuel hoses have been replace ect ect.

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i cant find a filter that will just "push on" the holes i find on these filters are like the size of a pencil an i dont think they'll fit on.. as for the crank case breather that would require some other kind of filter or something.. i'd love to plumb both those bastards into the intake

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Just the crank vent. If both are connected you could get 20 + lbs of negative pressure in there on deceleration and suck the cover gasket in. One's all you need the top vent would allow fresh air in to replace the fumes sucked out. You would still need a one way valve in line. ... This is what the PCV valve does you should hook it up.

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There are variations but this is the L20B.





The big silvery hose with the throttle cable just behind it comes from the crank case vent tube and connects to the PCV valve which is screwed into the small manifold that is bolted to the side of the intake below the carb. Make sense ? :mellow:


The one way valve is there to prevent a carb back fire from igniting the fumes in the hose and traveling down into the crank case causing an explosion. When I was a kid I saw what can happen... Guy stalls his early '60s Chevy and flooded it trying to start it. Cylinders were soaked with gas, some of it getting past the rings and filling the crank case. Finally it started and the carb backfiredBOOM. Bent the oil pan and blew the valve cover off. Verrrry cool when you're 12.

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That plate need removed and find the inlet hole into the intake from the backside of that plate. Drill and tap that spot for a 90 degree adapter that your pcv will attach to. Very simple. The valve cover breather needs to be routed to the hole that is in the bottom plate of the weber air filter. You probably have tape over it like everybody else does, but that is where the valve cover breather is supposed to be attached.



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i think that plate is solid an has no holes.. i can make one very easily tho.. jus gotta find a hose big enough to go on there an go buy an elbow.. i will look at the adapter plate a little more tomorrow.. i once nabbed one of the hoses that goes from the crank case vent tube.. jus dont remember what i did with it.. prolly gotta get another.. maybe i can go to the junk yard tomorrow!! yay xmas is early this year.. an well shit my b-days the 24th haha i'd say a junk yard run is in order..

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Jeeezs don't forget the PCV vale either. It has to have the valve or you will just make a big vacuum leak. The valve itself is a very small restriction that won't affect running and allows fumes to travel in one direction only. Any PCV valve will work if it is similar size, I think some were in line types so you wouldn't have to mount it, just plug into the hose and the hose to a fitting on that block off plate.


With PCV working your oil will last longer and be cleaner between changes. Without it water and oil/gas fumes will collect into a white paste in the bottom of the oil pan.

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