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What did you do to your 620 today?


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Pulled all 4 drums apart since my brakes were terrifying.


3 adjusters frozen up, 1 wheel cylinder locked up competely.


I rebuilt all 4 wheel cylinders with new seal kits. Took a torch and pb to get the frozen one to move. Locked it in my vice and tapped out the pistons. 5 minutes later my friend pointed out that his 20 ton press was sitting 10 feet to my left in my garage... that probably would gave made that easier :)


It's been a while since I've rebuilt wheel cylinders - my 620 came with all new ones. Last time I looked into rebuilding wheel cylinders, new (rebuilt) ones were the same price as the rebuild kit. Go figure. Have the kits come down in price or the wheel cylinders gone up in price?

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I work for oreilly and the one real perk is the discount, which is pretty good. I got all 4 rebuild kits for the price of one new cylinder.


No idea what the retail prices are on that stuff, I didn't even look. The kits were in my local distribution center, so I just ordered them in, quick and easy.


I got nothing done today. Allergies off the charts all day long. I feel like crap. Ugh

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Sorry, speaking of Oreilly, this made me laugh. Yesterday, I was at my local Oreilly looking for a pinion seal. He asked for what vehicle. I said a 1975 Datsun 620 truck. He was befuddled for a bit. Showing me his screen, he said that we don't have anything Datsun - it's not in our system. And he pointed at where it should be right after Chrysler. I asked if he was joking, and I quickly gathered that he wasn't. He was a relatively young guy, so I'm guessing he just started, so I didn't give him a hard time beyond that. The NAPA guys on the other hand....Scary.  

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I work with a LOT of ignorance and idiocy. Sometimes it's quite painful to witness. I am constantly astounded by the things some of the guys I work with spout off to customers.

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Bled it all. I have brakes! Now it goes and stops!


Painted up the unfinished part of the front valence today. I installed all the headlights with the repainted grill. The headlights had overspray all over them from the PO.


I soaked a rag in brake fluid and used that to clean the headlights. Didn't take much at all. Best overspray remover for glass and chrome I've ever tried.


Bumper and mirrors had been primed by the previous owner, so I just sprayed them satin black to match the rest of the truck. Those will go on tomorrow.


Then pics!

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Now a pic.




Need to mount another tire on the matching rim and remove the stock steelie, button up a couple of things in the engine bay, and replace a flasher relay and she will be useable.

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Some time ago I put Peel and Seal from Lowes Hardware ($19/ roll) sound deaden-er in the spare tire well of my 200SX. Covered each piece with the aluminum flashing tape. It made a huge difference in road noise, and I haven't smelled a thing even going to the So Cal desert. Unfortunately, i can now hear the aged window seals hissing. That's the trade offs of doing improvements! But it's sure worth the money saved to put toward other parts. Those professional brands are sure super expensive.


This past weekend I put Peel and Seal in the passenger door of my 620, the back speaker wells, and back wall of the cab. I've still got another door to do and the floor but that will come after I get the Dash back in and the driver door rebuilt. But I confess I did spend some extra bucks for a small piece of Dynamat (door kit sized) just to put on the floor over the muffler and CAT.  If my wife smells any odd odors she doesn't like... she wont' get inside or near my Datsun. Now that I think of it... I'm surprised she'll get near me!

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Progress is extremely slow.  After realizing my gas tank was pretty dirty I removed it and am in the process of cleaning up.  I've already resealed the inside with POR 15 gas tank sealer, now I'm killing any rust and painting the outside of tank.  Pictures soon to come.  I decided to clean, treat any rust and paint the gas filler tube while I was at it.  Below are some before and after photos.



















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I got a molded carpet kit off ebay i need to do the peel and seal thanks

would love to see pics! I've been thinking about buying an eBay carpet kit for my 620, probably the same kit...
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would love to see pics! I've been thinking about buying an eBay carpet kit for my 620, probably the same kit...

me to when I get there i havent seen the same company make any lately.  one of these days ill get it in there, but u need to trim it for some stuff

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Finished the carpet...Did the shifter bushing mod... new rubber shift boot and a leather one too..tidyed up a few things...Then jumped in to try the tighter shifter.....Eeep! No rear brakes! Front master cylinder was real low. Filled it with DOT 3 and drove around the block. Pulls to the left...OK need to adjust the fronts....Took a look underneath right rear is leaking! Ordered new wheel cylinders for the rear...argh! another project!

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Replace upper and lower ball joints - done

Replace all 3 drag links - done

Replace rear shocks - done

Front shocks - Waiting on their arrival


Your eyes are not deceiving you. That drag link is bent. Not sure how long it's been that way, but glad to have it out of my truck :)




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