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L20b Prices?

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I am going to start gathering parts for my KA24de swap in my dime, and i was wondering what im going to do with my old L20.


What is the average price for these things? It has 50k on a rebuild, 20k on a rebuilt ported/polished/shaved head with custom cam, dual mikuni 44s, and a Nissan Comp Header. I would be trying to sell the motor tranny combo with everything. Has a 280z 5 speed and roadster clutch with 20k on it.


I live in Cali, anyone have some ballpark figures?

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yeh me, too. I can come over in 10 minutes and help you unload that engine. Seriously, you are going to lose money. Most dimers I know are practically giving those engines away to make room for KA or SR swap. Now I am hearing that people are trying to get rid of their KA for an SR or Vg.

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in running cond?

keep driving it until the KA is ready to drop in.

no need to have it off the road at the 'collecting' stage.


complete, $700 - $900... to the right buyer

might fetch more parting it out...



Yeah it is in there now as a DD. Im gonna gather up the KA and get it all ready to go before i pull it. KA is gonna go in and the money from the L20 sale is gonna pay for the AEM EMS so i can use that turbo, injectors, intercooler, and piping i have waiting for that KA :)

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thats what a garage is for :lol:


:cursing: about no room for a car from all my "leftover crap"


Save it and help out a Ratsun brother in need when you can. That is what I try to do, I have had more stuff pass through my shed that way. I have to say thanks to those who help each other out. :cool:

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