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Honda Helix in a 720


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I know it's a bit of a long shot, but perhaps someone has tried this and know how it fits.

Will a Honda Helix fit in the back of a 1982 regular cab 720?

My Helix broke down between Modesto and Sacramento last week. I looked up the nearest storge unit, pushed it there from Hwy 99, got a bus to Sacramento and flew to Tucson. This is all after the motorcycle repair shops in Modesto (including the Honda dealer) said that they couldn't fix it.

I'll be driving the Datsun to pick it up, but haven't loaded the Helix into the back to see how it fits. The Helix has no plastic body panels thanks to a guy running a stop sign in Arkansas, but it's still a pretty long scooter. I've looked up the dimensions for the Helix online and measured the bed of the truck. It's a very tight fit if it will go in diagonally. With the lights under the tailgate, I don't want to drive with that down, which is illegal in some states anyway.

Has anyone done this? Will it fit and be able to close the tailgate?


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Taking the tailgate off sounds good. I could do that there if I find it doesn't fit with it closed.

Sell the Helix? No way! The Helix, ugly as it is, was actually an upgrade from a motorcycle. After a few hundred miles, I always wanted to move my feet around more than what a few pegs allowed. Cruisers and Harleys were the worst and made my butt and back hurt after about 50 miles. I've ridden the Helix all over with several 1000+ mile days and this is the first time it's broke down. I can get it fixed here and will do that. ...now to buy a ramp.

By the way, if any of you guys need something moved from Tucson/Phoenix up towards the Bay area, just let me know. I should have a break from work for the trip in a couple of months.

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