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Georgia 620

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not mine,...looks like a decent truck, nice for the southeast at least. can't go wrong with the slotted mags and he must have bought a new weber recently, because he claims the new carb cost 500. should have shopped around a little!



i search craigslist atlanta everyday for datsuns, so if any southeasterns want something just ask me. this one has been posted a few times.

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he paid $500 for a carb? :)


I once saw a guy in Seattle trying to sell a brand new Weber for $500. I told him that a new one can be purchased for $300 and sent him a link. he replied and said "the shop I went to charged me $500!"


too bad for him.

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When I bought my first 510 in January 2006, I didn't have any Datsun friends and I did have near the knowledge I do know about L series engines. In a panic I paid full price for a brand new Weber 32/36 with electric choke from webercarbsdirect.com. I paid $430 for it.


I sold it on a very nice condition Offy intake for $250 down the road..

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