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Who the fawk is trying to sell my truck?


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It was brought to my attention that someone out there in internetland stole my sig pic and is trying to sell a truck with it. :mad:

Thanks Fisch :)


Here's the link






I do not live in LA (I assume Louisiana)

That truck in the picture is in many pieces all over my garage...hope no-one expects to buy it. :blink:


Any members down there that could check it out? I flagged his ad but it's still up so...

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Is it maybe that douche who got banned?


We thought about that, but you'd think he'd have put a more embarassing description and given out some real contact info for redeye. But who knows?

i don't see a listing date either, but it looks like the poster logged on yesterday at somepoint!

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you wouldn't be talking about " the jukeizm"

no ---- he wouldnt do that












or would he :eek:

their is a contact number, someone call and see

what you got to lose

oh heck

I went and got it for you guys

(337) 353-6056

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Not sure the motor is still on the engine stand :lol:


PM'd him and emailed we'll see what he does. I'll call tommorow if I haven't heard from him and the pic is still up.


I'm sure the guys over at nissancustoms.com wouldn't approve of that nonsense either...


Wonder if he really is famous :P

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Area code 337: SW Louisiana: Lake Charles, Lafayette



Here's what happens when you post someone else's car and say it's yours:.... oh, the supermodel gf is good too!!!



man that thread was sooo funny. i kept tabs on it a little bit after the start when someone showed it to me. it redefines epic fail. i flagged the post for ya. thats f'd up people try to do stuff like that.

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He is a member here. Just signed up yesterday. I assume that's when he 'borrowed' my pic...


He replied to my PM over at nissancustoms.com

He apologized, sorta, but still seems to have the picture on the ad even though he logged in there 49 mins ago according to the tracker there...


He said his truck is exactly like mine minus the toolbox, but somehow I doubt his handles are shaved...mis-representation.


I'll give him the benefit of the doubt if he removes the pic today. Otherwise I'll take a bit more action.


I also told him to maybe post up over here and let you guys know what the deal is. Hopefully he'll do that, and get his name straight.


Thanks for looking out fellas I really appreciate it. Even though it's just a pic of a truck, it's MY pic of MY truck.

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If theres a legit, reasonable explaination, and he addresses it, I think it's forgivable. I think we're all sensitive to scams or trouble as we've all been victims at one point or another.


My hostilities are just a result of lookin out for fellow members. If he's a straight up person I'm willing to welcome him with the same warmth I was welcomed with.;)

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