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'67 411 1600 wagon

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I started cleaning the old girl today. Washed off the grime outside and pulled the carpet and seat covers from the inside. Revealed more rust and bubbling in the usual places but she's still structurally sound.

Nothing terrible so I'm still pleased with the purchase.




In the drive at home.




Looking grimey.




She's got SPIRIT. A filthy, dirty, don't turn yer back on her kinda spirit, but SPIRIT nonetheless.




Even stored in a shed it's bound to grow a little green on 'er in the PNW.




Crap was piled pretty high on the roof when I found her.




Lots of water and a gentle brushing and she's looking much better. The paint is dull when dry but the green came off pretty easily.




Is that a bugs best you got in the headliner?




Let's hope not.

More later.

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Nice!!  I hope to see more pics of this as it progresses soon ;)


I am pretty sure that I got a video of it upon the first startup that Art got on it after multiple attempts of cranking over the couple hours we were there.  If I actually got it, I will upload it and post it in a bit, or maybe tomorrow.


Hope AAA worked out smoothly for you!

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Yeah! I'd like to see that video. Got to crank it over a couple times today moving it in and out of the driveway. Not much power but it did what it had to.


AAA worked out better than I hoped. No questions asked and he arrived at my place before I did.


Front Floor pan.














Parked for the evening.




Cleaned up nicely.




It's good to be able to see through the windows.




Don't know what "LTS !" means.




I decided not to keep the rear seat, so if anyone is looking for one for free or trade, hit me up. I'm in Seattle.

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Spent an hour vacuuming out all the rodent turds and carpet remnants that were stuck to the floor and tunnel. Did the spare tire compartment and cargo area too.


I think there may be a rodent nest it the headliner. I found a hole in the rear driver side corner with telltale teeth marks.


Sucks butt that I have to tear into it because the headliner looks pretty great otherwise. Better that than it falling on my head as I'm driving down the freeway!

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Thanks Tendril.


The fun is only starting. Now I have to learn how to get the engine back in shape.


To that end, does anyone have a recommendation for a service guidebook akin to "How To Keep Your Datsun Alive"?


I had that for the 510 wagon and like the way it explained how the engine operates and the step by step breakdown of servicing and repair. The illustrations are pretty Rad too. Foolishly I let it go when I sold the wagon. I didn't have to include it with the sale but it seemed like the right thing to do.

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Looking goooood Jim Palmer.   Floor boards look great , it's funny how many Datsuns that are still hiding right next door..


Although that place looked like the Texas chainsaw massacre house when i google mapped it... That guy sure owned a shit load of land considering where he was located.

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Here's the goon from the garage sale. We pulled it out of the shed over to his barn. He was gonna try to free up the rear brakes, which had frozen up.








He left the hood open all that time to keep the varmints from nesting and eating the wires and stuff.


















So this thing is straight. Only damage is from getting rear ended and a ding from dragging it out of the shed with the back hoe. They replaced the hatch when it got rear ended. Rear bumper is a little doinked, but overall the body is in great shape. Doors and hatch all click into place nicely without force. Window roll up and down freely and squeegees and felt all there. Front quarter windows open and close freely. It's just filthy and smells foul!

It'll need new carpet and seat covers, if not the seats as well. I might remove the back seat altogether and use it as my mini hauler. The headliner is intact, but one section is sagging with the weight of I don't know what - not sure I wanna know either.


Threw on a battery and tried to start it. "Chg" and "Brake" lamps on dash lit up. All switches work - signals, lights, fan, wipers. But turn the key and nothing. I don't know if it's the wiring to the starter or whatever. The fan won't move by hand, so maybe the engine's frozen?


All floor pans looked good. It passed the screwdriver test all over the place. The steering appeared to work.

So, I'm the noob who offered him 750 over email, before I saw it. Kinda wish I hadn't, cause he probably woulda accepted less. Since the engine won't budge and I couldn't start it, he accepted a lower offer and is throwing in four 13" tires a spare dash panel and some other stuff. It's an automatic. Wish it wasn't but for the price it might be worth trying to change that.


I'm heading over there to bring it home today. Might try to see if AAA will help me out. 


Or if anyone's interested in helping out a no0b with a trailer ride back to Central District Seattle, I'd be grateful and could offer something to compensate. 

Call or text me through the member profile page if you're game.


By the way, I recently sold CarterB's former Blanco the Winter Wagon through craigslist to a local guy who works on vintage motorcycles and wanted to something new. Not sure how he's going to change it/restore it, but it sounded like he needed a fun project to keep him busy.


Picking pics, for posterity.

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