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WTB, "DO IT IN A DATSUN" licence plate frame


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Currently 11 bids and $33.57


thats cheap right now! most have been selling for $50 :eek:


Fifty bucks for a license plate frame? :eek: is right.

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I threw mine away

I know where to get it at night, it's a blue 69 wagon with panasports

He won't notice that it's gone


:lol::lol: Thanks Abe


Duke, sorry man I cant find the extra one I had I may have already have given it away



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Hi guys. I checked and I can offer 3 right now. $40.00 each plus shipping. The frames I have are NOS and have never been mounted on a vehicle. They came still in the plastic bag!! First three to get with Me can get one.

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