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fs 1981 datsun skyline c210 RHD check this out only one in USA

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This is a 1981 datsun shyline c210 RHD. This is a one owner car. It is all stock. Its has straight 6 motor (the same as the 280zx or L28. I brought with me when i moved from the UK. ITs the only one in the USA. I have title and paper showing that it is legal. Car runs and drive as if it was brand new. I will have more pics soon. Pm me or Email me at aubyn78@aol.com . $20,000






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I sold mine i had last year for $600AUS to a guy who collects them ..


Pretty common cars here though .. One could be source for under $1000 quite easily ..


Being the only one in the US makes that one quite special tho ..


Cheers Phil

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