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Yes it is, which was part of my reasoning behind using it. It's lighter than a LS and it is a Japanese motor.


Exactly! We have a couple local Corollas, an E7 and an AE86 with 1uz swaps and they haul ass.

Funny with those motors, they're actually lighter than some of the V6s that came in the trucks and such.

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Exactly! We have a couple local Corollas, an E7 and an AE86 with 1uz swaps and they haul ass.

Funny with those motors, they're actually lighter than some of the V6s that came in the trucks and such.


I know it's lighter than my L28 for sure and it will push all the weight back behind the front wheels. 

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The engine is finally out of the car. Time to start cleaning up the engine bay, thankfully there is no rust I need to worry about so I am set there. The plan is to delete all the stock brackets as they aren't needed anymore. After that is paint the bay then drop in the new motor. I need to track down a urethane trans mount as I doubt the rubber one will cope very well. 



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More parts and some progress! I just got my new Precision 46mm wastegate and damn is it pretty. It should work great with my turbo. I am going to have a friend weld the wastegate to my exhaust housing. I stole that idea from MCM and I think it should work pretty well. 




My next acquisition was a 280zx turbo r200 with a pair of CVs which should work with a pair of CV adapters. I got them in trade for the injectors and clutch from my l28e.




As for progress I have pulled the dash out and have cleaned out the engine bay of most of the brackets. I cut out the battery tray to find no rust which was a nice surprise. I am still trying to figure out what to do for fueling. The ecu is also up in the air, I am debating between MS3 Pro and AEM Infinity or if I really just want to spend money Haltech.

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This weekend things are happening! I had a little hold up with clutch issues which is common with swaps like this, the SR clutch I got on a friends advice. The spring center section was a little too wide and would not clear the pressure plate as you can see.






What I ended up doing was getting a smaller 240sx disk, unfortunately I have had the other disk too long so I have to eat that until I can trade or sell it. 




I cleaned up the engine bay a bit in prep for the new engine, I removed all the all brackets in the bay as they are of no use to me including the battery tray. I also added some rattlecan freshness because why not. 




This weekend the engine will be dropped into the bay for the first time and my welder friend will be dropping by to help mock things up and help me come up with a pipe order for all exhaust side stuff. Stay tuned. 

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Time for what I am super excited about... the OhkaZ once again has a heart. It was a bit of a pain to get the engine in but I can happily say my reasoning for picking this set of mounts, this transmission, and this engine was correct. This setup will infact bolt in with the mk3 supra mounts with some slotting of the transmission crossmember. Next up will be exhaust work. There is far less space than I expected so that makes things interesting. If I wanted to take the easy way out I could just dump the exhaust under the car but that would be taking the easy way out I think. 





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Tonight I was mocking up turbo placement in the engine bay. I have come the conclusion that in order to make this turbo fit I am going to have to move the radiator to the other side of the core support with the intercooler which isn't the end of the world. As for the actual turbo placement. I am thinking driver's side and running the down pipe across and down the passenger size with the wastegate welded on to the turbo housing and dumping into the 3.5" downpipe I am planning. The other idea was to place the turbo where the battery was which just seems like a bad idea to me. 







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I have been bad about updating this as of late. 


The crossover pipe fabrication has started and should be finished up sometime this weekend. I also decided to place the turbo where the battery was prior to this and will relocate the battery to the back.







I did some calculating with my transmission choice and came to realize my SR transmission will blow up with the amount of power that will be going into it so I was able to track down a Z33 transmission with a bad shift fork so I am in the process of fixing that. In my mind the known broken transmission is better than the unknown good one and it was a great deal. I will say the broken fork looks gnarly. 





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So I have been bad about updating this thing. Work has kept me super busy but the the cat is getting finished by May this year and WILL be at Canby this year. So far I have bought a lot of parts including a Q45 shortnose r200, Nismo 2 way clsd center, pathfinder CVs, T3 shortnose r200 adapter kit, gktech 350z transmission shifter, Subaru Wrx injectors, and that's just what I remember. I am working on cleaning up my gas tank and getting the new diff in the car the car this weekend and next week. Stay tuned.

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Today I mocked up one of the frankensteined cvs for my shortnose r200 swap. They are shorter than the stock axles from my r180 so that's good enough for me to continue. My axle stubs are on their way to Virginia to be modified to work with my z31 turbo outer CVs. that is the last piece needed for my differential swap. Next step is to clean up and paint the diff so I can bolt it in the car. I was lacking on pictures on the last post so here. 











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DAMN    looking good 

you can also hide the battery inside the fender well 

I saw it on another z at canby 

I had to ask because I couldn't find the battery 

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