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with or without that is the question ?


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so i just wanna see what my ratsun family think about the camper with or without ?



u let me know your opinion i did it cause i have 3 kids but only one can ride with me cause theres no room for more ppl  :)

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I say keep the camper shell.......and I won't comment on the wheels cuz you didn't ask B)

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I don't like shells, but that's just me. Unlike the others I like the wheels. They would probably you have stock steel wheels and hubcaps with whitewall tires. Old farts!

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thank you guys for your opinion i want the camper cause i have 3 kids n with the camper i can only roll with 1 of them not kool  :thumbup:

the wheels hummmmm i like them i get a lot of compliments on them I'm 41 years old don't like my truck too dropped but i think thats whats gonna make 

my truck look way different then most 620 not many 620 owners like the small wheels look on there truck but is all good 

thank you for taking your time to comment on my post  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:

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Guest Rick-rat

The canopy looks good if you have a use for it, I don't like canopies and have no use for them. Screw everyone that doesn't like your wheel choice, if you like them , that's all that matters

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hahahaha naaa I'm planing on using a suburban 3 row seat place it in he back n that takes care of the bad dad issue  lol :thumbup:


yeah, thats what i was going to say. then you might need the camper to stop flying debris

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