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1975 620


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Hello fellow Datsun members. My name is Ian and I live in California. I recently picked up a Datsun from a older gentleman for $1,200. To me I don't think I paid to much for something that is reliable for the most part. My only problem right now is the carburetor, but other than that the truck drives great. I am currently replacing the HCD 340 (right name for that carb?) and slappin a weber on it. I will post some pics of the asap.

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$1200 is cheap.


Hitachi DCH340 is a good carb, unless it is worn out. Check the throttle shafts for play. If its worn out, a remanufactured one is about $200.


Weber 32/36 is almost as big, and a brand new one won't have any problems. For more performance get the 38/38. Neither are CAL emissions legal.

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heres what it first read on the odometer when i got it




another angle. also i picked up some fresh 205/70r/14s . also im in the process of de-smogging my truck since all the smog crap doesnt work anyway.

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soon ill have enough to restore the whole truck. but for now ill do what i can. the only issue im having now is the weber people.  




still got the original seat but who ever owned before me must of liked leather. i dont know if is real but it looks like it and the original seat is perfect.

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Nice truck. Good find not a bad price for $1200 What are you plans for her?

interior wise I would like to find the original interior (preferably clean) and install that. its just mainly that rubber floor and center console piece or whatever.


exterior wise im going to keep the paint original as much. I enjoy the yellow and it makes it stick out. mainly I would like to keep it stock.also if you hit a yellow you would have to be blind.


engine wise im not going replace anything except the essential; oil, coolant, spark plugs, ect. I have confidence that this engine will last a very long time as long as I don't abuse it lol. but when the time comes to overhaul the engine I would like to put fancy stuff in it like roller rockers (if possible).

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