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Shakotan Z (lots of Oics)

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going home this weekend to do a couple things, new bulbs for my taillights , and i need to elongate my exhaust so it doesn't get caught in my bumper. might do a small boso pipe, just come up about 3 feet with it cut on an angle. nothing too crazy. and bulbs, any you guys recommend, wanna make sure they are bright enough to be easily noticeable and last a while. 

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I would go LED. If you get the "dome" style, thwy will light rhe area's llike a normal incandescent, but will be alot brighter, and last alot longer. They are a little more spendy, BUT that extra life is worth it.

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got more work done on my z! first a small pile of parts i have, and my famil has, z parts, dime partsm and vista cruiser parts! 20150327_161645_zpslhwb2gnu.jpg

tried to work on my turn signals and other electrical, came to a dead end, literally, traced the wire and goes to a pigtail that doesnt plug into anything else and i have nothing to plug into it, great! Snapchat-9209225918902664638_zpskw8f5aal

bought some brake lines and t fittings to custom make a fuel line in my bay. 20150328_132306_zpsu9jnwq7t.jpg

needed to extend my exhaust so fumes didnt get behind my bumper, so i say a y tip at orielly's and bought it haha my dad says it looks like devil horns.



also took off my giant horn pad thing, i like it better bare. horn doesnt exist do it doesnt matter.


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got more work done, custom made fuel lines and brackets for my engine bay, came out really well!!



new strut supports_DSC0725_zps09euctyv.jpg

and then i washed her and took too many pics




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How's the Z comming along? Just finnished getting mine road worthy and am looking for insurance now too. Hopefully we can meet up on the road soon.

Pretty good! Actually just got all my lights and my turn signals working! So next is insurance for me as well!

Oh and you should join great Lakes Z club on fb, a lot of Z guys from our area are on there

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huge update time... i did lots of things

tuned my carbs, deleted muffler, oil cooler, chalkboard hood, whale tail. time for oics!!!!

trying to only post more recent oics since i kept changing a lot on it. maybe i need to change this thread name... again! haha

well here we go!!


this oic shows a lot of new things

1) i got  halos, look cool, really bright. woop.jpg

2)260z mumper from a defense vehicle in florida, made its way to MI somehow

3) chalkboard hood. dented the original, bought this one cheap, sanded and now its a chalkboard. love it


i finally got weather stripping!!!!!


ayyyyyyyy needs moar lowar

IMG_20150513_174903_zpsqslaqtxt.jpg :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:

i erased this so fast!!!! :frantics:


see hilary was erased! my buddies powerstroke


i did a really big thing


because bolt action choke is cool


had vapor lock issues, heat wrapped my fuels lines. oh yeah, i made fuel lines out of brake lines, they looked great and work great!!! bent them how i wanted


detroit finally showed up on snapchat, and this is what we have to show. those are some damn sexy cars!!!




how she site with the tail, needs moar lowar


halos :wub:


oil cooler lines!!!



new exhaust set up, straight pipe. i should re-tune my carbs. made a trip to detroit on this set up and got about 25-27 mpg


oil coolers final placement after i got my thermostatic sandwich plate on



18x9.5 rays gram light, for my bro, but sexy wheel

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Looks like its coming together. Bet you get alot of looks! Whats the plan for getting it lower?


I got on Great Lakes Z Club. I didn't introduce my self on there yet, but their forum looks dead.

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Looks like its coming together. Bet you get alot of looks! Whats the plan for getting it lower?


I got on Great Lakes Z Club. I didn't introduce my self on there yet, but their forum looks dead.

the forums arent used too much, but the facebook page is always busy and people posting go there

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so i got 280zx wheels, powder coated them,  strut bar, wooden steering wheel, and have been dailying this thing all summer. love it. made tons of new friends because of it. so im just gonna dump pics and try to comment on them if i feel like it. this car is definitely coming together nicely

so first a beautiful pic taken on my phone, of how it looks now

21233070161_47983060b7_o.jpgIMG_20150830_183812185 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

yes its finally low, still needs moar lowar tho

21038297709_aa84b5e03f_o.jpgIMG_20150731_163741846 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

they are signal black21225137875_c4d4ee1d50_o.jpgIMG_20150729_095841909 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr


21214723612_c234f0c740_o.jpgIMG_20150729_112632445_HDR by Evan Serilla, on Flickr21037034260_dfcf727dfc_o.jpgIMG_20150731_162318344_HDR by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

current interior with my brothers classic nardi

21037042480_27242d4ed6_o.jpgIMG_20150724_162346927_HDR by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

what happens when i leave it outside the most frequented building on campus for a day 21214709822_58676a39b3_o.jpgIMG_20150901_163350078 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

my friends miata we just finished boosting with my z

JAF badge

21225140485_a8f08b30ab_o.jpgSnapchat--4869966610014225538 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

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and now to post some pics from a photoshoot with an evo X

yes, im a kid, no this isnt funded by dad

20424121921_d74158a40a_o.jpgr6YsZAj by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

20229874870_b5dbc12af4_o.jpgSle9Tl0 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr20229941998_f966f5be73_o.jpg0J13oVj by Evan Serilla, on Flickr19796982333_21d5b81ba9_o.jpggpuy5bo by Evan Serilla, on Flickr20417927435_7f9c5c641f_o.jpgHvvfgR6 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr20409310292_dfd76bfc22_o.jpgtORop0Y by Evan Serilla, on Flickr20409312022_d15f891b01_o.jpgxmrph4K by Evan Serilla, on Flickr19795295414_d5a7e58086_o.jpgqOd0A1G by Evan Serilla, on Flickr20417933135_cf9aee978f_o.jpgekO9meP by Evan Serilla, on Flickr20409316332_68902bbb05_o.jpgEYLcAxF-1 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr20417936255_ce949e5787_o.jpg97BGiqj by Evan Serilla, on Flickr20391714976_1032a0eca6_o.jpgdoddkGs by Evan Serilla, on Flickr19796995403_ef2e4bba30_o.jpgqTX3PVS by Evan Serilla, on Flickr20229962678_1d8dc0e55b_o.jpgFB_IMG_1439094160620 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr20231308769_6ba655c7b6_o.jpg_DSC1973 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr19795313534_815be4eb54_o.jpg_DSC1983 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr20409809432_e67a4d89b3_o.jpgvNWgaM9h by Evan Serilla, on Flickr20230459118_6db39a06ee_o.jpgKZhfNayh by Evan Serilla, on Flickr19796999963_a171d8f474_o.jpg_DSC1965 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

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finally got the fronts on while on my way to a meet

21401300301_7851f6c03a_o.jpgIMG_20150912_095743231 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

21382065092_f17e09dd20_o.jpgFB_IMG_1442168931073 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr21204817430_0e068be6f7_o.jpgFB_IMG_1442168537657 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

20743900823_d9dbc74715_o.jpg_DSC3750 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

21339227476_6efdfe9bb1_o.jpg_DSC3829 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

21401300621_d9a3e9ba0c_o.jpgIMG_20150912_165440302 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

and one hanger broke 2 minutes away from the meet, no hole, but its flat...

21354654812_ebf582a804_o.jpg_DSC3827 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

21382079192_d8763b4723_o.jpg_DSC3823 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr



21339124816_59cb54e922_o.jpg_DSC3808 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

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