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CL ad- JDM r-hand drive fairlady z

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got a little more info from the owner if someone is interested.


"She's got some rust through on the rockers, rear wheel wells and bottom windshield area. I've got some pics of all the problem spots that i will send tonight after i get out of work. The body kit i got off a guy at a z car meet up a few years back, its fiberglass and has rockers and a really nice front air dam profile with rear to match...no pics of the kit though..."

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if its fiberglass then it is likely the MSA II bodykit that I had on my purple 280zx. It is the most common kit, and probably the best looking.


Too bad its right on the east coast.


There was one in Portland a few months ago for cheap. I had emailed the seller a few times. It was a 2+2 though and really beat down car.

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